Microsoft's Xbox Series X Console Confirmed For Late 2020

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The next-generation Xbox is no longer hidden behind the codename "Project Scarlett". Microsoft officially revealed the console at The Game Awards 2019 and it's called Xbox Series X. The gaming console is set to release in late 2020. Although there were quite a few rumors floating around the internet about the tech specs, the design and form factor remained a history. However, now we also know what the Xbox Series X looks like, and it does look to pack some power behind its aesthically pleasing exterior. Personally, I feel the design of Xbox Series X resonates quite well with my taste.

Sony's PlayStation 5 is also set to release in the same time window. Since Xbox Series X design is out, we may get to see the PS5 soon as well.

Interesting facts about Xbox Series X:

  • Xbox Series X is the next generation of video game console from Microsoft.
  • The gaming console is set to release during Holiday 2020. It could be anywhere between October and December.
  • The only game that we know as of now is coming to the Xbox Series X is Halo Infinite.
  • The price for Xbox Series X has not been revealed, but it'll definitely cost several hundred dollars. However, Microsoft has stated that it won't make the same mistake that it did with previous console pricing.
  • Microsoft hasn't said anything about VR as well, but we know that PSVR is going to be compatible with the upcoming PS5 console.

Xbox Series X Specifications:

  • The Xbox Series X packs a custom processor from AMD that uses the latest Zen 2 and Navi architecture. This processor is said to be four times faster than the one used on Xbox One X.
  • The Xbox Series X is capable of running games at 120Hz at 8K resolution with Ray Tracing.
  • The gaming console comes with an SSD and extra storage space can be utilized as virtual RAM for faster load times.
  • We know that the Xbox Series X packs a beefy 16GB of GDDR6 RAM
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