Microsoft Edge on Xbox Gets Keyboard and Mouse Support

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By now, everyone should be aware that PC definitely has quite a few benefits over consoles, and one of those is a convenient web browsing experience. However, Microsoft seems to be bridging this gap by adding keyboard and mouse support for the Edge browser on Xbox.

Adding mouse and keyboard support to a browser opens up plenty of opportunities for Xbox players. But it should be understood that Xbox being a console will have its limitations. Nevertheless, a video showcased how one can access Google Stadia from their Xbox and use the service via mouse and keyboard. The possibilities don't stop just there as the keyboard and mouse support turned the Xbox into a solid internet browsing machine. Besides browsing YouTube and web pages, individuals can also write documents and prepare spreadsheets without having to jump on a computer.

You may also know that many Xbox games have been continually receiving mouse and keyboard support, though what's annoying is that the Xbox dashboard is yet to offer navigation via these accessories. But from the look of things, it seems that Microsoft is working towards robust keyboard and mouse support for Xbox Series X and S, which may translate into Xbox games receiving the same support as well.

A recent post also suggests that the remote streaming service Parsec can work to stream certain games like CS: GO, Death Stranding, and DOTA 2, titles currently not available on the Xbox. While this wasn't an ideal gaming experience and resulted in a greater amount of input lag, it still shows what Xbox could possibly do in the future. Not to mention, the chances of accessing the ports of Sony's popular titles, including Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

If you're lucky enough to be an Xbox Insider, you should already have access to this feature. Given that the feature is in the infancy stage, expect bugs here and there.

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