Microsoft Aims To Bring All First-Party Games To xCloud At Launch Day

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Starting September 15, Microsoft will be allowing public access to Project xCloud as a part of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Project xCloud will allow gamers to play over 100 games that will be streamed from the cloud to your Android mobile device. Well, if that's not exciting enough, Microsoft also plans to push first-party launches on xCloud going forward.

"As we’ve committed to providing day-one access to new titles from Xbox Game Studios as part of Xbox Game Pass, it’s our intent to make those same games available in the cloud from the day they release," Microsoft said in a statement.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a subscription service that allows you to enjoy a plethora of games on your PC and Xbox One. However, from September 15, the subscription service will also include Project xCloud, featuring select games that can be streamed. From all the recent decisions and actions that Microsoft has taken, it is clear that the company is moving toward making its subscription service a one-stop-shop for gaming at a very affordable price. For $15, you get passes for PC and console games, and as well as the ability to stream select games on your mobile devices.

Currently, the games that are known to be available on Project xCloud include Minecraft Dungeons, Tell Me Why, Destiny 2, Yakuza Kiwami 2, and Gears 5. Microsoft is also expected to announce a full list of 100 games as the launch date nears.

What Microsoft is saying with these announcements is that the company wants to bring all of its Xbox Game Studios titles on Game Pass, and thereby on Project xCloud, on Day One.

Although game streaming is a phenomenal futuristic step in gaming, it also has certain drawbacks, the major drawback being quality. Games played via a streaming service tend to look and play choppy, and there can be dramatic latency and input lag issues. However, we still have high hopes for this innovation. Since game streaming is still a novelty, it should get better over time, and at least with xCloud, it doesn't cost you anything extra.

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