Metal Wolf Chaos XD Preload Details - Everything You Should Know Before The Launch On August 6

The highlyn anticipated rerelease of the cult classic mech title will launch tomorrow.
Here are the preload details for Metal Wolf Chaos XD.
Here are the preload details for Metal Wolf Chaos XD. Devolver Digital

General Arcade and Devolver Digital are releasing Metal Wolf Chaos XD tomorrow, and for the avid and excited fanbase around the cult classic this is a release to remember. The game is a mech title from Japanese developer FromSoftware, and was only released back then for the original Xbox. Now, 15 years later, it has been remade extensively for an outing on modern consoles and the PC, showering its players tomorrow with righteous American patriotism and freedom.

All of that said, let’s take a look at some preload details that everyone interested in Metal Wolf Chaos XD needs to know, which can also be helpful for players who want to be informed before they finalize their purchases.

What is Metal Wolf Chaos XD?

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a third-person mech shooter. It’s developed by legendary Japanese studio FromSoftware, who are probably best-known today for their Souls series. However, during the early 00s, their claim to fame was the Armored Core series, which is probably the most popular of the mech series. In a bid to popularize the genre more in Western countries, FromSoftware created Metal Wolf Chaos exclusively for the original Xbox back in 2004, which, after a string of events, only ever saw release in Japan. Since then, it has been the subject of an avid cult following thanks to its exaggerated portrayal of American culture and patriotism, in addition to its hammy and over-the-top dialog.

The game sees you playing as 47th POTUS Michael Wilson as he tries take back the country from the clutches of his traitorous Vice President Richard Hawk. To that end, he utilizes the Metal Wolf, a mech suit capable of untold destruction through its varied and extremely powerful weaponry. Metal Wolf Chaos XD is segmented into various missions across the United States, filled with a ton of levels and boss fights as you ultimately make your way to a mech battle with Richard Hawk himself.

When can I preload the game?

The game is available for preloading now across all platforms and will unlock at different times tomorrow. You can watch out for official announcements with regards to full release on the game’s official Twitter page here.

What editions are available for the game?

There are no Special Editions for Metal Wolf Chaos XD, but there are pre-purchase bonuses for both the Steam and GOG releases on PC. It’s unknown if the PS4 and Xbox One versions will also get these bonuses, but a limited physical release has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4, to be handled by Special Reserve games.

  • Steam: Lambda mech suit skin, modeled after the Half-Life series.
  • GOG: a soon-to-be announced skin modeled after the storefront’s launcher, GOG Galaxy.

Trailer time

Check out the game’s launch trailer below.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD will be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on August 6.

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