Metal Wolf Chaos XD Announces August Release Date, Prepare To Bathe Enemies Of Freedom In Righteous Lead

President Michael Wilson is back to dish his own brand of freedom as Metal Wolf Chaos XD gets an August 6 release date.
President Michael Wilson is back to dish his own brand of freedom as Metal Wolf Chaos XD gets an August 6 release date. Devolver Digital

Just in time for the birth of freedom and the absolute American way of blowing stuff up, Devolver Digital has finally announced a release date and pricing details for its highly anticipated upgraded re-release of FromSoftware’s Xbox cult classic Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

If the name isn’t enough to catch your attention, then the developer should. Once upon a time, FromSoftware was known for their Armored Core series, which are third-person mech shooter titles. As the original Xbox wasn't really selling that well in Japan, there was a big push from Microsoft to develop a mech title for the system. Since Microsoft is an American company, the developing team worked extensively on American context and cultural references, with the results being an over exaggeration of American patriotism, often to the point of hilarity.

The game’s subsequent release in Japan did not stop it from getting a cult following in the West, partly due to amazing and emotive voice acting, where almost all lines of dialogue can be quoted. Don't forget its incredibly expansive list of weapons available for your mech, tallying up to over a hundred.

Now, in the year 2019, Metal Wolf Chaos XD will finally get the audience and recognition it deserves, as a year after it was initially announced it finally gets a definite release date on August 6, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Of course, what better way to accompany this announcement than with an actual gameplay trailer, complete with some of the best moments you’ll come across in the game. Check the trailer out below to see the game in action.

The on-point trailer showcases some of the hilarious voice acting and over-the-top dialogue, as well as the general mayhem you can cause in Metal Wolf Chaos XD. The game puts players in the shoes of the fictitious 47th President of the United States, Michael Wilson, as he seeks to take back America from a coup d'état launched by his vice president, Richard Hawk. Of course, you’re not really a President in the near future if you’re not going to take matters into your own hands and operate your own mech to obliterate all your enemies. Think Harrison Ford in Air Force One, if the Air Force One plane itself is a mech which can be outfitted with huge guns.

You can check out the game’s site here and pre-order now, as there is no better time to do so than the celebration of the nation’s independence. As Michael Wilson himself puts it, “Believe in your own freedom.”

Metal Wolf Chaos XD will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via both GOG and Steam. Pre-orders are now up on all platforms.

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