Merge Magic! Adventures Its Way To Mobile

Prepare to mix and match.
Prepare to mix and match. Gram Games

If you're one of those who love adventure puzzle game, then you're sure to love Merge Magic! The game has players lift curses on a mysterious new world by combining different creatures and matching new items in order to win rewards. These rewards then allow players to unlock a lot of surprises along the way.

Developed by Gram Games and published by Zynga, Merge Magic! features stunning new graphics combined with engaging gameplay. It brings puzzle matching to your fingertips with unique and magical beasts. For example, if you've ever wondered what happens when you mix a cat and peacock, Merge Magic! shows you the Peacat.

In the game, players encounter and solve challenging puzzle levels. All they need to do is match items to win and then bring rewards back to the garden to collect and grow. Players can also get eggs which can be hatched to become magical wonders.

Overall the game features:

  • Hundreds of fantastic objects to match, merge and interact with in at least 80 challenges.
  • Discover fairies, unicorns, and minotaurs along with never-before-seen hybrid creatures like the aforementioned Peacats.
  • Fight off the fog and lift the curse placed on your garden and take back the creatures' home.
  • You need to watch out for witches as you go on your puzzle journey. Be careful especially when you cross paths with these evil beings.
  • Be part of frequent events and win advanced beings to take back to your garden.

In talking about this new game, Gram Games Chief Product Officer Eren Yanik revealed that they want a new puzzle game where players are able to combine anything and come up with creatures no one has seen before. Yanik said in a press statement that the possibilities are endless with the game "taking our signature ‘match and hatch’ gameplay to bewitching new heights, offering players lots of depth in exploration and immersing them throughout their journey."

Meanwhile Zynga President of Publishing Bernard Kim shared in the statement that the game "transports players to fantastical new worlds where they will discover mythical creatures like the powerful unicorn and feisty fairy and create never-before-seen hybrids like combining an elephant and a butterfly to make a butterphant." He added that players are sure to experience hours of enjoyment in discovering magical objects, creating creatures, and even lifting curses.

Merge Magic! can now be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS.

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