The Mercenaries Mode Has Arrived in Hearthstone

Enjoy the new mode.
Enjoy the new mode. Blizzard

The Mercenaries Mode is now available in Hearthstone. It offers everyone a new way to play where they assemble Parties using Mercenaries collected and then try to take down bounties. This new game mode arrives courtesy of Patch 21.4.

Making things even more exciting is the 51 playable Mercenaries now available. The complete list has been compiled for those interested to review here. In addition to the stats shown in the list, each Mercenary gets an extra +1/+5 when they are fully maxed at level 30.

Welcome to the Village

The patch also introduces the Mercenaries Village, which is the jumping-off point for all things related to Mercenaries. These include, among others, players being able to manage their collection in the Tavern, set off on Bounties, and of course, jump to the Fighting Pit.

As players progress, they can upgrade the buildings in their Village to make them more efficient. Some upgrades can be unlocked through gameplay and others need Gold.

For now, players can unlock the Fighting Pit for 100 Gold. They can also upgrade buildings that include:

  • Travel Point
    • Cost: 200 Gold
    • Effect: Unlocks Heroic difficulty for Bounties.
  • Campfire
    • First Upgrade
      • Cost: 200 Gold
      • Effect: Add a slot to the Task Board.
    • Second Upgrade
      • Cost: 400 Gold
      • Effect: Add another slot to the Task Board.

Matchmaking and Rating System

The Mercenaries Fighting Pit is going to have its very own matchmaking and rating system. As it accounts for different factors involved in each Mercenaries matchup, this new system is likely the most complex in the game. For example, if the system can’t find a good match for the player, then it’s going to be against an AI.

Spooky Season is Coming

Hallow’s End is arriving next week so players can expect to see some fun costumed cosmetic options. The Fairy Tales Bundle, for example, offers fairytale-themed hero skins for the likes of Rexxar, Jaina, Thrall, and Anduin. There is also The Battlegrounds Bundle – Hallow’s End, which has a Gala Medivh alternate Bartender as well as seven costumed hero skins. All of these will arrive in the game with Patch 21.6.

Read more about the new mode, bug fixes, and game improvements that came with Patch 21.4 here.

Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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