Meet Your Maker Post-Launch Roadmap Shows Major Content Update for June

See what's being planned.
See what's being planned. Behaviour Interactive

The first-person building-and-raiding game Meet Your Maker was only released early this week. Though Developer Behaviour Interactive isn't wasting any time and has revealed the three-month post-launch roadmap. The highlight is a major content update dropping in late June.

Titled Sector 1: Dreadshore, this upcoming update takes players beyond the deserts of the Red Sands, which means they can look forward to not only a new environment but also a new deco pack. Once this update goes live, players can also unlock these four gameplay elements:

  • New Custodian with its Perks
  • New Weapon with its Upgrades
  • New Trap with its Mods
  • New Guard with its Augments

Those who play regularly before the update is released should earn enough in-game currency to get the items once they become available. Each item has been designed to shake up the meta and themed to match the new sector. Players can also buy these gameplay elements through platform stores.

That's not all since there's also a cosmetic collection planned for launch and it includes a new deco pack, a new custodian skin, and a new weapon skin. These are related to Sector 1.

New Deco Pack

As mentioned, the major content update is scheduled for June, but it doesn't mean players won't be doing anything until then. Sometime later this month, the Hellscape Deco Pack is going to be released for free.

This deco pack gives the feeling of being inside a living organism as the industrial materials and organic matter have an eerie effect, pulsing animations, and even sinister lighting. The Hellscape Deco Pack comes with:

  • 2 Blocks (each available in 3 shapes)
  • 2 Props
  • 1 Animated Prop
  • 8 Decals

New Mods and Augments

When May arrives, the next update is all about the new mods and augments for existing traps and guards. Each new mod or augment is added directly to the trap or guard advisor station and will be unlockable through playtime by using in-game currency.

In a post, the Meet Your Maker team revealed that they're excited for players to get their hands on this free update. That's because these are the kinds of elements which can change how players approach the game. Builders have new ways to affect their traps and guards and even give them even more control over their setups along with combos to outsmart raiders. While raiders are going to face more challenges that they need to overcome.

You can get Meet Your Maker on PC via Steam. The game is also available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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