Meek Mill 'Dreamchasers 4' Mixtape: 'Back To Back' Remix Disses Drake For 'Ducking Chris Brown' During Fight Over Rihanna [VIDEO]

Meek Mill Vs. Drake Vs. Chris Brown? DC4's 'Back To Back' remix makes waves. GQ

Meek Mill hosted a Dreamchasers 4 listening party on New Year's Eve and it appears the Drake Vs. Meek pissing contest isn't over yet. A few short snippets from party-goer DJ Akademiks posted to Twitter reveal Meek may include a "Back To Back" Remix on his new mixtape. There is no official release date for DC4

Meek Mill seems to be taking a different diss track strategy. After his comeback attempt with"Wanna Know" a new approach is necessary, but why is Meek bringing Chris Brown into this? In one of the clips from the listening party, Meek blasts Drake for not owning up to his alleged involvement in a 2012 club fight with Chris Brown.  "We was in the club we was getting it crackin' / Duckin' Chris Brown you was missing in action," raps Meek. Take a look:


This isn't the first time Drake has been accused of hiding from a fight with CB. Tyga, who has not been shy to talk about his dislike for Drake, said in a February tweet, "u still a bitch" and "U been ducking the fade from Brown." Drake instigated Tyga's response by calling out his relationship with then 17-year old Kylie Jenner on "6 PM In New York."

Chris Brown and Drake’s feud began at a New York City nightclub in 2012. Drake allegedly passed along a note to Breezy which said, “I’m fu**ing the love of your life." Drake is referencing his brief rumored relationship with Rihanna. After Brown received the heartfelt message, an all out brawl started and Brown's security guard was severly injured by a broken bottle. Drake denied inolvement and said he left the club before the fight even started. That is what Meek is talking about when he says, "missing in action."

Funny thing is, rumors say Meek may have been involved in the fight. If he was, it appears the two Drake-haters have made amends. Chris Brown has repeatedly said he's done with industry beef. When asked about Drake during a Hot 97 interview after the Tyga blow-up, all he would say was, "I don't mess with the dude."

Is it a coincidence CB was ranting on Twitter about the possibility of Meek going back to jail? Take a look:









A Philadelphia Judge recently ruled Meek Mill violated his parole and set Feb. 5 as the sentencing date. He could go back to jail for ignoring his travel restrictions and giving a fake urine test.

Chris Brown may be in some legal trouble of his own. Just this week he was accused of allegedly punching a woman in Las Vegas. The "Loyal" singer responded, claiming his innocence in an instagram video that has since been deleted from his personal account. Many sources have recovered the video where he calls his accuser an "old, dusty, ugly bitch."


Aside from dragging Chris Brown into this ongoing feud, Meek also raps about his relationship (and possible engagement) with Nicki Minaj in another "Back To Back" clip posted by DJ Akademiks. "I got Nicki.. I know they Mad at that.. When we run into them ain't no pass for that.” Take a look:



In an earlier DC4 Snapchat leak Meek is heard rapping, “When I was saying shit about the rhymes you ain't wrote /  I can't wait 'til we run in ya / I'ma put a gun in ya." Meek Mill has since clarified in a statement that he doesn't actually want to shoot Drake. Listen to the verse in the YouTube video below:

Meek Mill’s reputation is at stake. The 28 year-old Philly rapper has a lot to prove after being beat down time and time again with cruel memes during this year’s ongoing feud. Considering Drake’s hit diss track “Back to Back” has been nominated for a Grammy, Meek’s remix has to be fire if he wants to impress anybody. Drake's crew denounced the remix on Twitter:

But this clip from Meek's New Year’s listening party shows him in good spirits:


At least he still has Nicki Minaj by his side. Rick Ross said we should expect the new mixtape at the “end of December,” but obviously that release date rumor is overdue. 

Also expect a remix to Drake and Future's “I’m The Plug”:



It's hard to deny Meek can put out a catchy record, but the “Self Made” rapper best have something else up his sleeve for Dreamchasers 4 or social media will rip him apart for good. It'd be in his best interest to stop covering Drake songs and release something that catches his haters off guard. 

Can you believe all of this drama came out of just one tweet?

Meek should release DC4 before Drake is finished with Views From The 6 which he revealed at a recent concert is “coming very soon.”

Do you think Meek can redeem himself?  Sound off in the comments.

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