Mechanica Update 1.1.1 Base Building Improvements, New Additions, and More

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Deimos Interactive, the developer of Mechanica, just released a new update that adds tons of new content to the game. It also added improvements to the particle appearance for fire, function behavior for trees, and scrolling through the crafting menu.

Some bugs, such as doors not appearing or working properly in multiplayer, animation trigger issues, and speeder blue color not being applied to winglets are fixed. Base objects now stay stationary even if their supporting structure is removed.


  • Added sticks.
  • Added torch.
  • Added wall-mounted torch.
  • Added two additional build points to windows and window covers.
  • Added wooden door.
  • Added wooden foundation.
  • Added wooden wall.
  • Added wooden doorway.
  • Added wooden window frame.
  • Added wooden double doorway.
  • Added wooden garage frame.
  • Added wooden pillar.
  • Added wooden pole.
  • Added wooden roof.
  • Added wooden skylight roof.
  • Added wooden stair roof (middle).
  • Added wooden stair roof (edge).
  • Added wooden fence.
  • Added wooden stairs.
  • Added wooden foundation stairs.
  • Added steel foundation.
  • Added steel wall.
  • Added steel doorway.
  • Added steel window frame.
  • Added steel double doorway.
  • Added steel garage frame.
  • Added steel pillar.
  • Added steel pole.
  • Added steel roof.
  • Added steel skylight roof.
  • Added steel stair roof (middle).
  • Added steel stair roof (edge).
  • Added steel fence.
  • Added steel stairs.
  • Added steel foundation stairs.


  • Improved the way trees function.
  • Improved fire particle appearance.
  • Minor retexture for logs.
  • Improved building functionality for base objects.
  • Adding scrolling to the crafting menu.


  • Base objects now stay stationary even if their supporting structure is removed. This can result in floating objects but is preferable to accidentally demolishing your entire base by removing a single foundation.
  • Modified the 'tree regeneration rate' setting to accommodate the updated nature of trees.
  • Modified tool crafting recipes to use sticks (axe, pickaxe, shovel).
  • Modified the tutorial slightly.
  • When using snap points in construction, the closest snap-point is now prioritized.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed doors not appearing/functioning in multiplayer.
  • Fixed player animation triggers not working, causing players to hover occasionally.
  • Fixed speeder blue color not applying to winglets.

Converting Your Legacy Bases

Although you can't craft them, old building structures remain in the game files. This is to prevent issues with existing saves. But if you want to convert your legacy base to a new one, there is an easy way. Pick up the old base objects to get the updated version of those objects in your inventory.

You can read more about the update here.

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