MDL Disneyland Paris Major: Top Dota 2 Teams In Lower Bracket Move To Next Round

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Dota 2 MDL Disneyland Paris Major
Dota 2 MDL Disneyland Paris Major Wykrhm Reddy

The Dota 2 MDL Disneyland Paris Major is starting to heat up as teams try not to get eliminated in their quest to be declared the champion. The four matches of the day today were all on the lower bracket and the results were not surprising.

Going into the Playoffs, the teams in the Upper Bracket were the current top teams in Dota 2. So it was expected that the loser of each match went to the Lower Bracket. To say that they dominated would be an understatement, as the four teams that eventually dropped to the Lower Bracket swept each of their respective opponents.

The first match was PSG.LGD going against compLexity Gaming. Lu "Maybe" Yao played a Batrider on the middle lane and ended the game with 10 kills and zero deaths. Two other PSG members had zero deaths as well. The second game was pretty much the same, with majority of PSG almost getting to double-digit kill figures.

In the second match, played against Mineski. In the first game, Mineski was off to a bad start, as VP took first blood. A series of back-and-forths followed, but VP gained the advantage as team captain Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev started to complete his items on Terrorblade. He was able to get a Manta Style by the 15-minute mark, and just wreaked havoc on the map. RAMZES666 ended the game with 14 kills and a single death. RAMZES666 had the same result in the second game, but this time it was Vladimir "No[o]one" Minenko who took charge with his Necrophos to give VP the win.

The third match saw TI7 champion Team Liquid going head-to-head with paiN Gaming. There was that initial impression that paiN Gaming would take the game, as they were in the lead most of the time. However, an attempt at a push forced Leonardo "Mandy" Viana to go down with his Anti Mage. Liquid forced the issue, and chased Rodrigo "Lelis" Lelis on his Dommbringer to get the kill. With two heroes down and paiN Gaming's base already open in the middle, Liquid took advantage and had Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi with his Medusa go for the GG push. The remaining members of paiN tried to mount a defense, but it would not be enough as Liquid secured the win. The first game loss appeared to have taken the fight out of paiN, as the second game saw Miracle- and Liquid dominate.

In the final match, two Chinese teams did battle with Vici Gaming going against Keen Gaming. VG showed why it won the last Major by completely dominating the first game. Both Zhang "Paparazi" Chengjun and Pan "Fade" Yi had double-digit kills by the end of the game. In the second game, it was Paparazi and Zeng "Ori" Jiaoyang who led the team to victory.

The upcoming matches in the Lower Bracket have PSG taking on VP, with the other match being Liquid versus VG. The final two games of the day are Upper Bracket matches with Team Secret versus OG and Evil Geniuses against Ninjas in Pyjamas.

At stake in this tournament is a prize pool of $1 million and a total of 15,000 in DPC points.

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