Matthew McConaughey: Dragon Fighter, Astronaut, 'Dark Tower' Multiversal Magic Man, 'Not A Big Sci-Fi Buff'

Matthew McConaughey in 'Reign of Fire.' He may not live sci-fi, but sci-fi loves him.
Matthew McConaughey in 'Reign of Fire.' He may not live sci-fi, but sci-fi loves him. Buena Vista Pictures

Sony Pictures Studios announced at CinemaCon 2016 that shooting on The Dark Tower has begun. Since there was no trailer, title treatment or teaser image, this announcement mainly served to reassure people that the troubled Stephen King adaptation is actually going forward this time (hopefully with as little of Akiva Goldsman’s script as possible). The best part of the announcement came courtesy of Matthew McConaughey, who will be playing the Man in Black, a dimension-hopping wizard aligned with the chaotic Crimson King, in The Dark Tower.

“I’m not a big sci-fi buff… this one came along, though,” McConaughey said, speaking with MTV after the Sony presentation. “The man in black, I looked at that and said, ’Oh, I can be whoever I want to be in this one.’ I’m not sure who I’m going to be yet.”

“Not a big sci-fi buff.”

This dude crossed the post-apocalyptic Atlantic Ocean to smack a dragon in the face with an ax.

Matthew McConaughey guided Jodie Foster through the ethical implications of alien first contact. He fell into a black hole and tripped through a 4-dimensional time library for Christopher Nolan. And soon he’ll bop around a Western post-apocalyptic, multi-dimensional, science-magic landscape to bring Stephen King’s immense series to life for The Dark Tower director Nikolaj Arcel.

Does it matter if Matthew McConaughey gives a toot about science fiction? Nah, but boy is acting weird. For all your indifference, science fiction thanks you, Matthew McConaughey. Keep up the weird work.

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