The Master Chief Collection Is Coming To PC, And It's Bringing Along Halo Reach

The definitive Halo experience, soon to be available on PC.
The Master Chief Collection in all its glory, coming soon to PC.
The Master Chief Collection in all its glory, coming soon to PC. Microsoft Studios

In anticipation for Halo Infinite, the upcoming and long-awaited sequel to the Halo franchise, Microsoft Studios is getting ready to launch the Master Chief Collection on PC. Dubbed the MCC, the Master Chief Collection covers six Halo titles, all of them featuring none other than the Master Chief himself. Designed to be the ultimate Halo experience, the MCC is sure to bring newcomers and inveterate Halo fans together with one of the most celebrated franchises in gaming history. Before the MCC was announced for PC, most of the Halo franchise was exclusive to the Xbox platform.

In Halo: The Master Chief Collection, players get to experience six of the most successful and pivotal titles in the Halo franchise. The list includes Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4. However, the most recently announced title, and the one that has fans of the franchise most excited, is Halo: Reach. Halo: Reach is arguably one of the most groundbreaking titles in the franchise, and has won numerous awards for its innovative and hugely-successful online play.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection honors the Master Chief, the franchise’s beloved protagonist. Through the games included in the collection, players get to relive his saga. Through a total of 67 campaign missions, the MCC tells the story of the Master Chief and his epic triumphs against the foes of humanity, as well as the terrible sacrifices that had to be made to ensure its survival.

The Master Chief Collection is meant to be enjoyed with Halo fans all over the world. Featuring a combined total of 120 multiplayer maps and Spartan Ops maps, there are tons of ways to play online. Prepare for the upcoming sequel by playing through the highest points of the franchise, and witnessing the events that have led up to Halo Infinite.

Being able to play through the Master Chief's saga on PC is history waiting to be written.
Being able to play through the Master Chief's saga on PC is history waiting to be written. Microsoft Studio

Interestingly, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is not coming to PC all at once. Instead, Microsoft is planning to release each title individually as they successfully bring the games from Xbox to PC. According to 343 Industries, the team is working fervently to bringing “all the bells and whistles you would expect from a modern PC title” to Halo, including ultrawide support, 4K UHD and 60 FPS gaming.

If you want the latest news and updates, make sure you bookmark the game’s Steam page. Halo has been a staple for gaming here at Player.One, and we’re excited to experience all of it, finally, on PC. What do you think about the Master Chief Collection coming to PC? What features and improvements do you hope to see in the upcoming PC versions of these titles? Let us know in the comments section below!

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