Massive, 'Unexpected' PS4 News Is Coming

PS4 fans, you might want to keep an eye out of it.
PS4 fans, you might want to keep an eye out of it. Sony

Massive and “unexpected” news about the PS4 is poised to be on its way and owners of the console are advised to keep an eye out for it. Here is everything we know about it.

According to a reliable and well-known industry insider, a huge PS4 announcement is on the horizon. More specifically, according to ZhugeEX, the “unexpected” news refers to a first-party Sony PS4 game that will be unearthed soon.

Unfortunately, there are no further details about the news other than the aforementioned narrative. But if one is to go through a process of elimination, this news could really point to a couple of things. For starters, it could mean the release date – or even delay – of the highly anticipated Ghost of Tsushima, which is the last big PS4 exclusive from Sony. Or, if not, it could refer to another PS4 exclusive that the tech giant has yet to announce.

Considering the fact that this news is “unexpected,” it is very unlikely to be a delay. After all, many are already predicting that Sony might delay the launch of the next-gen console PS5. So, in a sense, calling it “unexpected” will not make a lot of sense. In other words, fans and players alike might finally get a final release date for Ghost of Tsushima courtesy of Sucker Punch.

Well, there is also a possibility that the tease could very well not be about Ghost of Tsushima. It might be a teaser for some sort of unannounced PS4 exclusive. As people may have already known, a Demon's Souls remake is very possibly coming to the console. The title has long been speculated and even hinted by a lot of industry insiders. So, if this could refer to an announced PS4 exclusive, chances are Demon's Souls-related news will make the headlines.

Of course, one could say the “unexpected” news is none of the things mentioned above. But regardless of what it is, the way it is shrouded in mystery suggests that it will be quite substantial.

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