'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Voeld Monolith: How To Solve 'Restoring A World' Side Quest

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a must-play for fans of the Mass Effect series
Mass Effect: Andromeda is a must-play for fans of the Mass Effect series BioWare

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, Ryder may visit the icy planet of Voeld in the Nol system to meet with the leaders of the Angaran resistance to find a way to fight the Kett. There are a number of side quests on Voeld, including a battle against the Kett presence on the planet. What's more, Ryder must activate three Remnant monoliths in order to enter a Vault that could control the climate and allow Voeld to become a more habitable planet. Here is the walkthrough for "Restoring a World."

In order to restore Voeld, players must solve three Voeld Monolith puzzles – located north, south and west – in order to enter the Remnant vault. Marked "W," "N," and "S," here are the Monolith locations on the map of Voeld:

Voeld Monolith locations
Voeld Monolith locations Prima Games

Starting at the South Remnant Monolith (S), you'll need to find a Synaptic Glyph, Semiosis Glyph, and Zero Glyph. First, take down the wildlife around the monolith. First look for a black Remnant block among the spires of ice and snow boulders, located behind the monolith. The block possesses both the Synaptic and Semiosis Glyph. Finally, the Zero Glyph is located on the floor block located in the back of the Monolith's tunnel entrance within a large crevice on the west side of the tower.

With all the glyphs in hand, enter the glyphs in the following order on the Remnant console.

Voeld South Monolith puzzle
Voeld South Monolith puzzle Prima Games

Next, head over to the North Remnant Monolith (N). This entrance to this monolith is not in a tunnel like the South, but in a narrow valley on the north side of the Monolith. As you approach the Remnant console to solve the puzzle, you should find two glyphs located on the top of the pillars arching above. Jump to the pillar on your left and run to the end to find the Magnitude Glyph. Next. Jump over to the right pillar to pick up the Adherence Glyph. Scan the pillar to find the conduit leading to the final Entropy Glyph, which is located on a platform protruding from the mountainside behind the pillar.

With all the glyphs in hand, enter the glyphs in the following order on the Remnant console.

Voeld North Monolith puzzle
Voeld North Monolith puzzle Prima Games

Finally, the West Remnant Monolith (W) features a deep ravine located on the north face, which leads to the monolith's north tunnel entrance. There's a lot of wildlife in this area – you can battle them all if you wish, but you can also hop into the Nomad and make your way as far into the tunnel as possible to avoid engagements. Still, a handful of hostiles may follow you in, so be prepared to fight.

You'll need the Magnitude Glyph and the Verdurous Glyph to unlock the west Monolith puzzle. Once again, the conduits will lead away from the console towards the pillars. The Magnitude Glyph can be found on a block on the ground level by the cave wall. The Verdurous glyph is located on the top of a pillar.

With all the glyphs in hand, enter the glyphs in the following order on the Remnant console.

Voeld West Monolith puzzle
Voeld West Monolith puzzle Prima Games

The Remnant Vault of Voeld is located in a central location between the three Monoliths. Enter the vault using Gravity Well to descend to the lower level.

Now, head to the Gravity Well chamber to scan for the Adaptive Remnant Core Device and Remnant shield charger. Next, follow the path towards the power changer to activate emergency power. Now, interface with the Remnant console on the ledge facing the wall. The console will unlock the first door that grants access to a second Remnant console. This console features a blue laser pointing at the ledges to the left and a white laser pointing to the right. Follow the path towards the right side to activate the vault. The path to the right is optional, but since it leads to some containers with goodies, it's highly recommended to explore this path as well.

When you have raised the right pillars, you must defeat the Remnant Assemblers before using your jump-jet to reach the top platform that opens a side passage. Once again, the passage will be blocked by two Assemblers as well as a Destroyer. Take care of the Assemblers first. Aim for the Destroyer's turrets to put it down.

Finally, head towards the console on the left wall and complete the glyph puzzle as follows. WARNING: you only have one chance to solve this decryption puzzle:

Voeld Monolith Vault Puzzle
Voeld Monolith Vault Puzzle Prima Games

Exit the tunnel and walk to the edge of the top platform. Follow the bridge to the left side of the vault. Now if you went to the left path to loot the containers before, you would have activated a console. Interact with it to open the first level of security on the container room. This will open the doors and reveal force field that shuts down once vault lockdown is lifted.

Cross the pillars and reach the platform where you'll face Remnant Assemblers and Nullifiers. Once they're taken care of, reach the console to activate the purification field.

Now exit the vault via the Gravity Well. It's now 13 degrees warmer outside and Voeld's viability increases by 40 percent.

Watch a playthrough of the Mass Effect: Andromeda "Restoring A World" side quest via YouTuber Paranoia's Dungeon here:

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