'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Dialogue Guide: What Each Icon Means

Mass Effect: Andromeda dialogue icons explained BioWare

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s dialogue system has changed from the original trilogy, with new icons that represent different emotions associated with each reply. There are also a few special icons that only show up every now and then. Wondering what they all mean? Check out the guide below.

The four main dialogue icons are emotional, logical, casual and professional. The emotional responses are always in the top left, the logical responses are in the top right, the casual responses are in the lower left and the professional responses are in the lower right. Most times you won’t have access to all four, but the responses always stay in their respective corners regardless of how many options you have to choose from.

The emotional response icon has a head with a heart on it, the logical response icon has a mechanical gear, the casual response icon is a round spiral and the professional responses have a squared-off spiral.

Emotional responses typically are friendlier responses, while casual responses can often be sarcastic. While it’s often funny to see the casual responses, they can sometimes get you into trouble if you don’t watch what you are saying.

There are a few other icons that pop up in dialogue as well. If you see a question mark, this means you are asking a question, and will get information on a subject. If you see an icon that looks like three arrows pointing in different directions, this is a story decision. The choices made here can result in different events happening or not happening in your game.

The last two icons are for the lovers out there. The friendship icon looks like two stick figures holding hands, while the flirt icon looks like a big heart. These are both always dialogue options on the left of the dialogue wheel, and picking them can lead to sexy times and other fun. If you want to know more about Andromeda ’s romance options, check out our Relationships Guide.

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So what do you think? Are you going to be more casual or professional during your playthrough? Who will you be flirting with? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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