‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Ark Locations Guide: Solve The Asari, Turian & Salarian Mystery

Peebee of Mass Effect: Andromeda.
Peebee of Mass Effect: Andromeda. (c) Bioware

Mass Effect: Andromeda encourages players to find three Arks populated by three alien races. We’ll tell you how to find them all very quickly. Want to be a good Pathfinder? Here’s how to help the Asari, Turian and Salarian.


The very first Ark you can find in Mass Effect: Andromeda belongs to the Asari. Here’s a rundown of what you need to get the job done.

  • Missions: Complete story mission “A Better Beginning” on Eos. To complete the second half, you’ll need to complete the story mission called “A Trial Of Hope.”

With that requirement met, check your email for a message from Cora regarding the Asari. Mark it, and go talk to her. After the exposition has been laid out, head to your Prodromos outpost on Eos. Your navigation will point you to a building where an Asari refugee waits inside.

She’ll tell you to look for a ship called the Periphona, and it’s on a chilly planet called Voeld. With your mission still active, simply follow your hud to the right spot. Along the way you might encounter your Nomad to make the trek a bit easier. You’ll know you’ve reached the right place when SAM tells you he’s picking up multiple signals. Go toward the northern signal. Scan the wreckage you see sticking out of the snow.

Part 2 begins after you finish “A Trial Of Hope.” Cora will email you again, and it will trigger a loyalty mission called At Duty’s Edge. A waypoint will guide you to the ark. It’s been taken over by Kett, so you’ll need to be careful. Talk to the remaining crew members and you’re done.


Missions: You must complete the story mission “A Better Beginning” to gain access to the Havarl planet. Part 2 begins after you unlock travel to Eladaan.

Shortly after landing, SAM will inform Ryder of a Turian encampment. Follow the waypoint, and take out the enemies waiting at the end. Talk to your new friend Avitus Rix and agree to split up to search for the ark.

Part 2 begins once you’re able to travel to a planet called Eladaan. Once you’ve gotten there, Rix will send you an email. That email triggers a mission called “Lost But Not Forgotten.” Follow the waypoint, and you’ll find it leads to a dead end. Tell Rix at the Tempest, and he’ll give you another clue.

Follow the waypoint, board the Ark and make your way to the SAM node. That’s it.


As the final of three arks, this one is clearly the toughest. It’s not buried in a side quest like the others. Instead, it’s tied to a main mission called “Hunting The Archon.” You need to finish this mission to secure the ark.

Shortly after you retrieve the Kett transponder and talk to Gil at the Tempest, you’ll be taken toward the ark. However, it’s been compromised by some nasty Kett. Patch SAM into the terminal in front of you. Once you’re in, you’ll come across a dead Salarian pathfinder in Medical Bay A13. You’ll see the body on the left. Scan it.

After hitting the terminal to the left of the bed against the wall, follow your hud and scan a few pods to move forward.

Inside the Archon’s flagship, the objectives mandate you follow your hud. The real challenge is vanquishing the enemies that get in your way. Steer clear of the center rooms and avoid being too bold. When you encounter the Ascendant, target his orb then fire away. Keep your distance and be patient.

In the Archon’s Chamber section you’ll see a green specimen tank that helps you escape the trap that’s been laid for you. To the left of the tank is a window with a room behind it. The console you need is in there. Look for a door to get you to that location. With the console activated, follow your hud to the main room and just outside the chamber.

Keep following your hud. If you’re looking for the relic, it’s in the back of the marked room. It has a giant illuminated symbol.

Next is a boss fight with Krogan and Kett. Just hit your foes with some heavy firepower and keep your distance in the process. When Kett start swarming in, get to the sides and onto the elevated platforms to grab some ammo. The key is to keep moving and shooting as much as possible. Take care of the Kett first, then go for the Krogan. This is a real bullet-sponge kind of battle.

Once it’s over, you’ll be forced to make a difficult choice that spawns another big battle. When you get overwhelmed, just sprint towards your hud marker. Go back to the Nexus. The Salarian Ark marathon is over.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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