Mary Skelter 2 Confirmed For A Western Release On Switch

Release date yet to be revealed.
Mary Skelter 2 is coming to the West via Nintendo Switch, uncensored of course.
Mary Skelter 2 is coming to the West via Nintendo Switch, uncensored of course. Idea Factory International

Mary Skelter 2 is coming to the west for all the Nintendo Switch owners waiting for it.

The game was originally released for PlayStation 4 exclusively in Japan last year. Publisher Idea Factory International announced that they will be releasing the game in the West this time for Nintendo Switch, and that an exact date will be announced soon.

If you haven’t played the Mary Skelter Nightmares just yet, you don’t have to worry because a remake version will be included if you buy the sequel, which means you’ll have access to an improved version of the one released in 2017. It will also include both Japanese and English audio, plus English subtitles.

Mary Skelter 2 is described as an evolution of its predecessor, Mary Skelter Nightmares. Basically, it is a 3D dungeon turn-based role-playing game, but with overhauled gameplay. Compile Heart and Idea Factory International said that they’ve made adjustments to the game with feedback of their fans as the guide. The dungeons are now smaller for a more nerve-wracking experience. You can now manually or automatically check the Jail Roulette, and some categories were made to add dimension for the system. The game’s overall balance and quest system has also been improved. The developers have made a sorting feature that allows the players to directly use gifts in the storage, and another feature to keep track of the materials still needed in completing a quest or mission. The jail effects are now displayed in a pop-up when you activate them.

There are new main characters to look forward to as well. Tsuu and Little Mermaid are friends who’ve made a pack with each other. The protagonist of the prequel, Jack, will still be a main character, but he won’t be the same Jack you knew before. Jack becomes Jack the Ripper, a nightmare. He entered this massive change after sacrificing himself to save Little Mermaid. You can now use his powers as a nightmare, but be careful because he can go berserk when he is triggered.

Are you thrilled to play both Mary Skelter 2 and its predecessor on the Nintendo Switch? We’ll have to look forward to further announcements for its release date and price. For now, tell us what you think about this upcoming game.

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