‘Marvel’s The Inhumans’ Release Date & Black Bolt, Lockjaw Set Photos Revealed

'The Inhumans' is expected fall 2017 on ABC. Marvel

Production for Marvel’s The Inhumans is underway in Honolulu, and Marvel has announced the series’ official release date. The first two episodes of The Inhumans will be combined and premiere in IMAX theaters Sept. 1. The eight-episode season airs on ABC in the following weeks. In addition to the premiere date, onlookers in Hawaii have provided fans with the first look at Inhuman leader, Black Bolt. The photos also show Crystal’s dog, Lockjaw, pre-CGI.

Black Bolt’s costume looks slick, but he’s missing the traditional mask. Anson Mount cleans up well, looking like the polished, reserved, Royal Family king he is. Hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll get a good look at other Inhuman Royal Family members too. For now, check out our breakdown of the Inhumans cast.

Part of the hype surrounding The Inhumans is the prospect of seeing mutant-type characters in the MCU. If it weren’t for Agent of SHIELD , a lot of people wouldn’t have known Inhumans existed. Mutants have been more popular for adaptations even though both mutants and inhumans were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Fox has the rights to mutants and Marvel to inhumans. Descendents of the ancient Kree, inhuman powers are the result of experiments and the process of Terrigenesis, which unlocks unique special powers. Mutants have a similar but different origin. Millions of years ago, an alien race called The Celestials came to earth and completed genetic experiments that altered human’s genetic code. Passed down with each generation, a mutant possess the X-gene that will give them powers. While the mutant race spread themselves across the world to blend into society, inhumans created a secret society and secluded themselves for protection.

We got a glimpse of what Inhuman life is like when we were introduced to Lincoln and the ‘Afterlife’ on Agents of SHIELD, but The Inhumans will explore these characters’ more popular comic book origins in depth .

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