Marvel's Avengers: Event Rewards Have Been Updated in Patch v2.4

Patch v2.4
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Developer Crystal Dynamics has deployed Patch v2.4 for Marvel’s Avengers. This update refreshes all of the recurring events in the game, mainly focusing on rewards and having more consistent mission objectives.

From Patch v2.4 onwards, events in Marvel’s Avengers will be categorized into three types. The first is minor mission chains, which offer opportunities to increase your power level on a per-hero basis (which can sometimes be hero-specific).

The second is daily mission chains. These do not offer any power level improvement but add a repeatable gear reward that you can farm for the duration of the event.

And lastly, the Meta Reward Mission Chains are large mission chains that only happen once per event and provide roster-wide rewards.

It is also worth noting that items identified as “Superior,” which were previously only available on Omega Level Threats (OLTs) and Raid content, are now available as part of event rewards as well.

These changes are meant to make it easy to get the gear you want. For instance, if you want to acquire a Superior Exotic Discordant Gear, just complete the meta reward mission chain for the Corrupted Vibranium event.


  • Fixed an issue preventing enemy waves from spawning in Vault missions.
  • In efforts to make completing the “Protocol: Faction” mission chain easier, we made Faction Missions more accessible by increasing the number of times they are randomly chosen in Quick Match
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer preventing some players from seeing statuses applied to enemies by other players
  • Fixed an issue causing Thor’s cape to clip through his arm when wearing the “Thor: The Dark World” Outfit
  • Fixed an issue in the “Bad Blood” mission causing a distracting amount of flaring from certain light sources
  • Fixed an issue causing overlapping text to appear on certain UI elements during gameplay
  • Updated the UI during solo play so that the “Enable Matchmaking” option does not display
  • Fixed an issue where Nameplates were not displaying on the Hero Roster or Character Selection Screen when a player would join a Strike Team. Nameplates should now display on all appropriate screens
  • Fixed an issue causing Summoning Major Artifacts to block other players in the party from using their own Summoning Major Artifacts at the same time
  • Removed Spider-Man perk, “Heavyweight Impulse” from dropping on Spider-man’s gear
  • Increased range that the Sonic Conduit perk affects teammates to 100 meters
  • Priority missions should now state they award the Apex Power set

Marvel’s Avengers Patch v2.4 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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