‘Marvel’s Avengers Alliance’ Spec Ops 35 Task List: Required Heroes And Everything You Must Do To Recruit Mantis

MAA mantis
Mantis to make her debut in Avengers Alliance soon Playdom

Spec Ops is finally live in Marvel’s Avengers Alliance and it revolves around the Black Vortex storyline from the comics. Complete all 25 missions and you will able to recruit Mantis, another member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

There’s also Moondragon, who has not yet appeared on the Team Page but there are character-specific a-iso and e-iso that confirm she will be a recruitable hero. We'll update as soon as we learn the method to recruiting her. 

But before we get into too much detail, to complete the final task of Spec Ops 35 you’ll need to have the following heroes to unlock the Epic Boss: Misty Knight, Spitfire and Crystal. Or you can spend the gold to complete the final task, but with about 28 days from the start of the Spec Ops to finish, we suggest grinding command points is a better option.

So without further ado, here are the tasks to complete Spec Ops 35.

  1. Defeat 6 Spartax Grunts

    1. Found in mission 1

  2. Defeat Nebula

    1. Mini-boss of mission 1

  3. Complete 3 Deploys

  4. Use Rocket Raccoon in battle

    1. Can be done outside of Spec Ops

  5. Defeat Moondragon

    1. Boss of mission 1

  6. Research Refined Metaphysical Crystal

  7. Collect 2 Distress Calls

  8. Get 2 Star Mastery in Mission 1

  9. Task 9: Defeat 6 Hellfire Grunts

  10. Defeat Ronan

  11. Complete 3 Flight Deck Missions

  12. Create Staff of Misery Requires 1 Metaphysical Crystal

  13. Use Staff of Misery in Combat

  14. Use Kitty Pryde in Combat

  15. Win 2 PvP Battles

  16. Create Psyche Persuader Requires 1 Metaphysical Crystal

  17. Use Psyche Persuader in Combat

  18. Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 2

  19. Defeat Dragoness

  20. Use Drax in Combat

  21. Create Staff of Agony Requires 2 Metaphysical Crystals

  22. Use Staff of Agony

  23. Defeat Black Vortex

  24. Obtain 3 Stars of Mastery in all SpecOps 35 Missions

  25. Defeat Ronan

    1. Epic boss of Mission 2


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