Marvel Future Revolution Brings the Darkness in Latest Update

Beware the dark.
Beware the dark. Twitter/@MarvelFutureRev

A new chapter has started for Marvel Future Revolution and things could turn dark. Two new regions in the Dark Domain are now available for players to conquer. There's the Netherworld ruled by Mephisto and Niffleheim governed by Hela, the Queen of Death.

This new update also introduces players to a new Blitz level which features Mephisto. Titled "Devil's Reign," this event started January 26 and runs until February 27. The reward is "Training Time Ticket x3" and to get it, players need to:

  • Take a screenshot of the Lv.115 Blitz achievement result screen.
  • Verify that they have cleared the Blitz by posting a screenshot of the Blitz result screen on the Lv. 115 Blitz Achievement Screenshot Event board in the forum. Players need to write the server and Squad names in the title of the post correctly, along with the screenshot.

Learn more about the new Blitz level here.

This new update also introduces to the game:

  • Raid/Specialization Enhancement
    • Two extra difficulty levels for Raid content are added to Agents of Omega Fight.
  • New companions
    • Players can expect assistance from Ghost Rider, Baron Mordo, and Blue Bamf.

Happy Lunar New Year

Players can also enjoy the Lunar New Year Eve Special Costume Festival Event, which has actually started and is scheduled to end February 15. This is being held in celebration of the Lunar New Year and has players get Special Costumes with increased draw rates. These costumes are:

  • Steampunk Costume
  • Rise of the East Costume
  • Eyes of Osiris Costume

Omega Card

Players can also join the Omega Card Festival Event. It gives players the chance to get two new Special Omega Cards and 10 rare Omega Cards at a higher rate. These are:

  • Special Omega Card
    • Uncanny X-Men (2013) #4
    • New Mutant (2019) #12
  • Rare Omega Card
    • Hulk (2008) #23
    • Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk (2010) #2
    • Groot (2015) #1
    • Rocket Raccoon & Groot (2016) #5
    • Mephisto Vs. (1987) #4
    • Doctor Strange: Damnation (2018) #2
    • New Mutant (1983) #19
    • X-Force (2008) #10
    • X-Factor (2005) #207
    • Angela: Queen of Hel (2015) #5

Marvel Future Revolution is available on Android and iOS.

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