Dormammu Brings His Dark Domain to Marvel Future Revolution

A new threat arrives.
A new threat arrives. Netmarble

A new threat arrives in Marvel Future Revolution with the introduction of the Dark Domain. This is a mystical realm filled with dark magic and ruled by The Dread Lord, Dormammu. The new content is part of the first update since the game was launched back in August.

As part of it, there’s a 14-day Check-in Event that lets players collect different items like a 4-Star Dark Dimension Card Box by simply logging into the game.

The new region is known as Dark Domain 1 and comes with new Epic Missions and Side Missions. There are also region-specific villains and supervillains that players can fight, and new collectibles to acquire.

New Locations

The new region itself opens up two new locations. The first one is the Twisted Border where players team up with Scarlet Witch and Nico Minoru to protect the civilians trapped by the convergence.

Second is Land of the Exiled which borders the Netherworld, an area ruled by the Hell Lord, Mephisto. This dangerous area has been decimated by the ongoing battle between Mephisto and Dormammu.

New Blitz

There is also the new Blitz titled “Chains of the Abyss.” In this one, Dormammu and his Dark Dimension Corps have plans to invade Primary Earth, and Agents have been tasked with stopping this plan.

With the title of “The Ruler of Dark Dimension,” Dormammu can transform up to three stages and have different patterns in his combat style. This new Blitz is available to players who are at least Hero Level 105.

New Content

Additional new content that arrived with this latest update include:

  • Increasing the Hero level cap.
  • Adding two Costume sets.
    • Special Costume Set “Eyes of Osiris.”
    • Region Costume Set “Dark Domain.”
  • Adding new Dark Domain Omega Cards.

Dark Zone Changes

The new update expands and reconfigures the Dark Zone with these changes:

  • Since the maximum level cap was increased, the level and stats of some Villains appearing in the Dark Zone have also been increased.
  • Hero EXP can be acquired by defeating Villains and Most Wanted Targets in the Dark Zone.
  • Dark Zone Points can be acquired at a set rate by defeating Villains in the Dark Zone.
  • The third channel in the Dark Zone has been changed to a non-PvP channel.

Read all about the update here.

Marvel Future Revolution is available on Android and iOS.

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