‘Marvel Avengers Alliance’ Spec Ops 36 Task List: Complete These Steps To Unlock Adam Warlock

adam warlock marvel comics
Adam Warlock as he appears in Marvel Comics Marvel Comics

The news every Avengers Alliance player feared has finally come true. The game will be shut down Sept. 30 after four years.

Playdom, as a last hurrah, has given players one last Spec Ops to recruit Adam Warlock, a character fans have asked for since the game’s debut. While it may not be the same, Agents who want to continue playing Avengers Alliance to the end will want to complete the final Spec Ops.

To do so, you’ll need to complete all 25 tasks to recruit Adam Warlock. And to throw a wrench is the usual task completions, there are two epic bosses to defeat. There is one in Mission 1 and the other in Mission 3.

You’ll need to recruit Kraven, Hellcat and Tigra to unlock the epic boss of Mission 1, while recruiting Groot and Rocket Racoon will unlock the epic boss of Mission 3.

Also, you should totally recruit White Tiger, for the 90 command points needed she is totally worth it.

So without further ado, here’s the task list for Spec Ops 36.

  1. Defeat 6 Iso Saurs

  2. Use Groot in battle

    1. Can be done outside of battle

  3. Complete 3 Spec Ops deploys

  4. Defeat Yondu

    1. Miniboss of Mission 1

  5. Defeat High Evolutionary

    1. Boss of Mission 1

  6. Recover 1 Cosmic energy + Research Harnessed Cosmic Energy

  7. Collect 2 distress calls

  8. Get 2 Star Mastery in Mission 1

  9. Defeat 6 U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M Grunts

  10. Defeat Mandarin

    1. Miniboss of Mission 2

  11. Recover 1 Cosmic Energy, Create Cosmic Stiffer

  12. Use Cosmic Stiffer in Combat

  13. Complete 3 Flight Deck missions

  14. Use Star-Lord in Combat

    1. Can be done outside of Spec Ops

  15. Get 2 Star Mastery in Mission 2

  16. Recover 1 Cosmic Energy, Create Annulling Spear

  17. Use Annulling Spear in combat

  18. Win 2 PVP battles

  19. Use Drax in combat

  20. Use Moondragon in combat

  21. Recover 2 Cosmic Energy, Create the Radiant Shield in the Lab

  22. Use Radiant Shield in Combat

  23. Defeat Magus

    1. Epic boss of Mission 1

  24. Get 3 Stars of Mastery in all Spec ops Missions

  25. Defeat Thanos

Epic boss of Mission 3

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