‘Marvel Avengers Alliance’ PVP Season 32 Brings Ronan And Phyla-Vell To The Game

martyr maa
Martyr in Avengers Alliance Playdom

In the wee hours of Friday night, Playdom has updated Marvel’s Avengers Alliance game with the next PVP Season.

PVP Season 32 has gone live with Phyla-Vell AKA Martyr entering the game as this season’s Adamantium League reward hero and Ronan the Accuser as the next Lockbox hero and, of course, a new weapon and armor.

But we have two heroes to get to so let’s dive in starting with the Phyla-Vell.

Martyr maa pass
Martyr's passives in Avengers Alliance Photo: Playdom

Phyla-Vell is both a Bruiser and a Scrapper and her first passive is Avatar of Oblivion, which makes her immune to Demise, Despair and Doom.

Energy Conduit gives her a high chance to protect allies from energy and magic attacks while negating the damage. Attacks protected this way are countered, attacking all enemies while applying Melt Armor and Internal Bleeding.

Guardian of the Galaxy gives her a high chance to interrupt follow-up and counter attacks when paired with another Guardian of the Galaxy.

And finally we have Martyr, which guarantees she survive being KO’ed once and restored to 100 percent health. This will all remove all harmful effects and takes two action ever round after being restored.

Martyr's first action Photo: Playdom

Phyla-Vell’s first action is Death’s Edge which applies Pain and Internal Bleeding. It also has Deadly Crits and Brutal Strike.

Matryr's second action Photo: Playdom

Death Plunge applies Doom, Mangle and Despair and is Phyla-Vell’s second action.

Martry's third action Photo: Playdom

I’ll Teach You Pain is a Quick Action debuff that applies Demise, Dark Forces, Agony and gives all allies Skittering Darkness.

Martyr's fourth action Photo: Playdom

Pray To Your Gods is her final attack that Exploits Attrition, Bleeds and has Fatal Blow.

Ronan the Accuser will be unlocked once you will have to get all eight comic book covers by completing five PVP battles a day and a little bit of liuck in the roulette.

Ronan's passives Photo: Playdom

Ronans’ passives include Enhanced Kree Speed and Supreme Accuser.

Ronan's first action Photo: Playdom

Hammer Smash is Ronan’s first action and applies Staggered, Cornered and Near Fatal.

Ronan's second action Photo: Playdom

Cosmic Wave is the second action that applies pressure points and has a 30 percent chance to stun to all enemies.

Ronan's third action Photo: Playdom

Ronan’s third action is a multifunction with the first being Stasis Field, a buff that applies Empowering Shield on Ronan. This shield grants him Shield Slam, reduces damage and prevents debuffs.

Ronan's third action Photo: Playdom

Universal Charge is the second part of the multifunction and applies Rising Up, Kree Speed and Kree Strength to all allies.

Ronan's third action Photo: Playdom

You Stand Accused is an AOE debuff that applies Neutralized, Impaired, Disadvantage and Incapacitation.

Ronan's fourth action Photo: Playdom

Sudden Judgment is Ronan’s final action and is an AOE catastrophic attack that has Paragon Exploiter (and no Exploit Opportunity?).

And that’s the two new heroes to Avengers Alliance. What do you think of both of them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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