Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Guide: How To Use Super Effects

How To Use Super Effects In Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle
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Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle combat screen. (C) UBISOFT, NINTENDO, PLAYER.ONE

Super Effects are a powerful weapon in the Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle arsenal, but it might be a little difficult to understand exactly what they do - at least until they’re activated against you. Want to get the upper hand on the battlefield and utilize the controlled chaos of Super Effects for your own victory? Check out our guide to Super Effects below.

First of all, weapons unlock in tiers. The tiers all have the same amount of damage, but the type of Super Effect varies. Super Effects have a certain percent chance to trigger, unless you use Yoshi’s secondary ability Super Chance. This powerful ability enables every nearby hero to have a 100% chance of activating their weapon’s Super Effect.

  • Push: Forces target movement, usually out of cover.

  • Vamp: Drains HP from the target for one turn. This works not only for the person who triggered Vamp on the enemy, but anyone who performs a Dash on that enemy.

  • Burn: Burns target and forces them to run in a little circle, screaming. Burn spreads - if the target afflicted with Burn touches another target, the second target will be afflicted with Burn.

  • Bounce: Forces target movement.

  • Honey: Prevents target movement for one turn.

  • Ink: Restricts target attacks for one turn.

  • Stone: Restricts target movement, attack and techniques for one turn.

  • Freeze: Restricts target techniques for one turn.

Of these Super Effects, I’ve found Vamp, Burn, Bounce and Honey to be the best ones.

Vamp is great because it turns an enemy into a walking health pack for one turn. If you have Rabbid Luigi in your party, you don’t even need a weapon that induces Vamp; just have ya boy dash the enemy, then have the rest of your squad follow suit to get some free HP while stealing it from the enemy in question.

Burn and Bounce are superior versions of Push because they’re hilarious to watch while still accomplishing the same purpose: forcing enemies out of cover and guaranteeing your attacks hit. Watching Ziggys run around in a circle with their butts on fire, howling and patting out the embers on their rear, is just really funny. There’s also something satisfying about Bounce, since enemies will bounce at least once or twice and go right off the edge of the map in a lot of cases. Bounce also seems to move enemies farther from their location than Push.

Burn and Bounce also have excellent synergy with any of the abilities that trigger on movement, like Peach’s Royal Gaze, Mario’s Hero Sight or Luigi’s Steely Stare. Luigi Steely Stare is the most powerful of the three, since it can be upgraded to activate three times as well as have its damage increased. Using Yoshi’s Super Chance, shooting with Burn or Bounce chance now at 100% and activating Luigi’s Steely Stare three times in a row is a guaranteed KO for any basic enemy in the game.

Finally, Honey is useful against enemies like the melee bruisers who move forward when shot. Hit them with Honey to keep them from getting free movement points.

It’s worth noting that you’ll see special boxes on the Mario+Rabbids battlefield sometimes emblazoned with the symbols for particular Super Effects. These boxes can be used as cover by yourself and enemies, but if destroyed, they will inflict their Super Effect on the targets within a small radius. Some cover can be destroyed to reveal these blocks as well, so just keep a look out and make sure Super Effects work with you, not against you.

What do you think are the best Super Effects in the game? Which are the most fun for you to use? Don't forget to check out our review and interview with Creative Director Davide Soliani, and feel free to let us know in the comments section below.  


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