Mario Golf: Super Rush Now Available on Nintendo Switch

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Prepare those swings and go for a hole-in-one in Mario Golf: Super Rush, now available on Nintendo Switch. Despite being a golf game, it is part of the Mario franchise and is the sixth game in the Mario Golf series.

As a golf game, the basic gameplay is pretty much straightforward. The goal is to get the ball into each hole with the fewest strokes to win the match. In the game, it’s not just the type of golf clubs used. There are extras like the “Shot Gauge” that show the direction and curve of the ball. There is also a scan feature where players can get a better look at the terrain.

Mario Golf: Super Rush allows up to four players to play either locally or online. As a Mario game, players can play as characters in series, such as Mario, Peach, and Yoshi. By the way, Chargin’ Chuck is part of the roster.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game, it’s easy to get into the mechanics. That’s because of the simple motion and button controls. The game has different modes with Standard Gold having players take on six different courses, with each one having 18 holes.

Those who want a quicker game can go for Speed Golf. Here, you must find a way to be the first one to finish the course. However, it won’t be that easy since opponents can hinder your progress with dashes and Special Shots. For example, Yoshi can dash on top of a giant egg while Luigi can freeze the ground.

The game sports a new mode known as Battle Golf. In this one, the Super Golf Stadium has nine open holes and you must get three flags to become the victor. Different obstacles can be used in this mode, which includes Chain Chomps, Thwomps, and even banana peels.

Finally, Golf Adventure where players start at Bonny Greens as a rookie. For those familiar with the series, this location is where golf was introduced in the Mushroom Kingdom. There are many things to do like meeting new coaches, mastering new skills, and fighting bosses.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is available for $59.99 and you can get the game here.

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