Marauders: Here Are the Big Changes in Excavation Update

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Developers of the first-person shooter Marauders implemented a lot of big changes in the recently released Excavation update.

All weapons in Marauders now have varying degrees of reduced walk speed while aiming down sights. Lighter weapons like pistols and SMGs will reduce walk speed to 60% and 50%, respectively. Rifles, on the other hand, will reduce the speed to 40%. Heavier weapons, such as the MG42 machine gun and China Lake grenade launcher, will drop the speed to a measly 35%.

In addition, all consumables that restore HP, except for morphine, meth, aspirin, and spice, have their healing amount reduced by 50%. This is part of the healing rework also featured in the Excavation update.

For ship weapons, the 75-mm single turret now has three ammo instead of one, and deals 120 damage per shot (up from 50). However, its reload time has increased from two to three seconds. The smaller dual 25-mm turret now has an eight-ammo capacity instead of six.

Here are the other changes:


  • Hit registration failsafe (Server will backtrack client hit locations to ensure it's registered).
  • Raiders can deploy mines at the start of the raid (Asteroid Mine, Spaceport, Terraformer and Mining frigate).
  • Jukebox (change for your favorite track).
  • Single P.O.I. (There is now a chance a single dockable raid location can spawn in the middle of space alongside multiple breach only locations).
  • All locations now have a space gate control panel/room (for calling the space escape gate).
  • All weapons can now cause bleeding, bleeding does not kill the player (stops at 10% health) bleeding does 3 damage per second and lasts 60 seconds.
  • All loot from lootables now has varying durability damage and ammo except for vault containers.


  • Head hitbox scale is now more accurate to prevent false positives on hit registration (head collisions for both the player and NPCs).
  • Players now take around 65 damage when breaching a full health ship (and scales down), however if the player is 15 health or under it won't apply any damage.
  • Colony token has been removed from UA marines and placed on dead colonist.
  • Flak projectiles now have a 1.0 second fuse time, reducing the flak turret range by 30% and has 6 shots before reloading (down from 8) however reloads 1 second faster. (3 seconds down from 4).
  • Doubled the amount of items that can spawn in a rare space salvage container.
  • Doubled the amount of containers in all vaults.
  • M16 fire rate reduced from 700 rpm to 600 rpm.
  • All Zero to Hero missions no longer require a specific raid (except for ship impoundment), for example the commando major mission now accepts any commando.
  • Shotguns and knives have around 50% chance to cause bleeding, pistols and SMGs are around 20% and rifles are 10%. The SPP-1 has a 35% chance.
  • Melee NPCs now "lunge" forward more when trying to stab.
  • Aspirin now unlocks instead of the bandage at level 6 Kingdom Alliance trader.

So, what can you say about the recent changes in the Marauders Excavation update?

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