Cult of the Lamb: First Major Update Now Available

Get ready for post-game fun.
Get ready for post-game fun. Massive Monster

The first major content update for Cult of the Lamb is finally here, and there's a lot to be excited about the Relics of the Old Faith. Players can look forward to a new post-game storyline once the final boss is defeated, after which a mysterious otherworldly being suddenly appears and gives the Lamb a new task. Exciting, right?

Here are the other new things in the new Relics of the Old Faith update:

  • Revamped Boss Fights and Enemies
    • In the new post-game, each boss is revamped and now has new and tougher attack patterns.
  • Post-Game Progression
    • Crusading against new challenges also brings new rewards.
    • The mystic seller grants the Lamb a lot of useful items to let them mandate previously missed doctrines, grant new Follower abilities with necklaces, and even unlock new Follower forms.
  • Relics to Collect and Combat
    • Relics are an entirely new combat system added in the game for players to collect and combat.
    • Each of the ideological items give a powerful new ability.
  • Chemach
    • This curious character is the keeper of the Relics of the Old Faith.
    • When players encounter them on their crusades, they get to learn more about these mysterious items and their place in the world.
  • Heavy Attacks
    • Each of the five weapon types now features a heavy attack.
    • Heavy attacks can be upgraded to an even stronger form.
  • New Trap
    • Shielded enemies, moving rivers, and swinging axes are some of the new tricks in the heretics’ arsenal.
  • Purgatory and Challenge Runs
    • Purgatory has new crusading challenges like the Boss Rush and Dungeon Gauntlet.
    • In addition to the five new Fleeces, there's also the Permadeath mode added.
  • Surprises and Secrets
    • During their crusades, players may encounter familiar friends and foes.
  • New Buildings for Better Cults
    • Five new structures have been added to help players manage their Cult.
  • Special Boss Follower
    • The new post-game story allows players to convert the four bishops as Followers.
    • There are also 11 new Follower forms and seven which were previously exclusive outside of the game.
  • Photo Mode
    • Photo Mode gives players a whole new point of view.
    • Change the angle, zoom in, and decorate with 88 different stickers to make those precious memories.
  • Playing Your Way with Accessibility
    • Players can now pause time at their Cult while crusading on a dungeon run.
      • This is a good option for those who want to focus on combat while making sure their Followers stay healthy.
    • Several new text options have been added:
      • Dyslexic fonts in English.
      • Changing Roman numerals to numbers.
      • Toggling high contrast text.
      • Text styling.
  • New Achievements and Collections
    • For completionists, more achievements are added.
    • Look forward to more tarot cards, quests, and sermon upgrades.

Cult of the Lamb was launched in August 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. In the game, players take on the role of a possessed lamb that's been saved by a stranger known as "The One Who Waits" from death. To repay this debt, the lamb now has to build a loyal following in the name of the savior.

Since its release, the game received mainly positive reviews with critics citing the gameplay and replay value. It has also been nominated for various awards and won Best Indie Game during the 2022 Golden Joystick Awards.

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