Cult of the Lamb: Heavy Attack Arriving in Next Update

Ready for some new moves?
Ready for some new moves? Massive Monster

A new update is currently being worked on for Cult of the Lamb and it's going to be an exciting addition. The lamb will have some cool and new moves once the update goes live. Of course, there's the usual improvements and fixes. This upcoming content update is free for every player to enjoy.

In a post, the dev team at Massive Monster revealed they have been working on introducing more depth to the game. For this upcoming major content update, the main focus is on combat and dungeon gameplay mainly due to player feedback.

The Heavy Attack

What are these new moves? The update introduces the heavy attack which players can perform by pressing and holding the attack button. This new sword move can knock back a lot of enemies and is a good option when being swarmed.

Each weapon type is going to have its own heavy attack. The axe boomerang throw offers players ranged choices where they can charge the axe and then throw it in a straight line before it returns to where the players are while slicing enemies on both ways. The heavy attack of the dagger, meanwhile, has multiple daggers drop in a line with each one knocking back enemies farther away.

Overall, the addition of a new attack for each weapon gives players more options for every encounter.

Special Promotion

While waiting for the new update, those who haven't bought the game may find out that this is a good time to do it. The game is being offered at 25% off on Steam until January 6.

Start a Cult

Cult of the Lamb was launched in August 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. In the game, players take on the role of a possessed lamb that's been saved by a stranger known as "The One Who Waits" from death. To repay this debt, the lamb now has to build a loyal following in the name of the savior.

Since its release, the game has received mainly positive reviews with critics citing the gameplay and the replay value. It has also been nominated for various awards and won Best Indie Game during the 2022 Golden Joystick Awards.

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