Maitetsu: Pure Station Coming To PS4 And Switch In West

The visual novel is already available on Steam, but without English localizations.
Maitetsu: Pure Station is set for a Western release on the PS4 and Switch sometime this year.
Maitetsu: Pure Station is set for a Western release on the PS4 and Switch sometime this year. Circle Entertainment

Circle Entertainment is bringing Maitetsu to the West for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 as Maitetsu: Pure Station.

The visual novel developed by Lose, Maitetsu, was first published by Sekai Project for PC and PlayStation 4 in Japan. Now, with the help of Circle Entertainment, Maitetsu: Pure Station is coming to consoles, specifically Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in the West. It has also been confirmed that Maitetsu: Pure Station will also be coming to Japan for Nintendo Switch. Unlike the earlier version that only had two available languages for the subs, namely, English and Japanese, the latest version will also include Chinese subs. The console version is based on Hikari Feild’s published version, and is for all ages.

The story of the game revolves around your character, Migita Sotetsu. News came along that an industrial factory will be built near the famous river of his hometown, Ohitoyo. Sotetsu then returns home to try and stop this project, he will persuade those in charge of this proposal to change their minds. Some of the citizens in his hometown think that it would be better to build the industrial factory, however, the other citizens think that this might lead to the destruction and pollution of their famed river.

Sotetsu knows that Ohitoyo has been experiencing a continuous economic decline for decades, but he thinks that they can find an alternative somewhere else instead of relying on the industrial factory. With this in mind, he starts his journey to find this alternative. Amid his journey as he was looking through his adoptive father’s belongings, Sotetsu came across Hachiroku, an android-like being called “Raillord”. After meeting, Hachiroku and Sotetsu form a strong bond and focus on the goal of saving Ohitoyo.

Maitetsu: Pure Station’s release date for the West is still unannounced. As for its Nintendo Switch release in Japan, all we know right now is that it will be available sometime this winter. If you’re interested in playing the R18 version of the game, you can get it on Steam for $14.99. In the meantime, we’ll be looking forward to more news and maybe a specific release date some time soon. Tell us what you think about this game in the comments below.


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