Magic: ManaStrike Now Accepting Pre-registrations

Time to prepare for battle.
Time to prepare for battle. Netmarble

Magic: ManaStrike is now accepting pre-registrations. The game is available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play. Magic: ManaStrike is being developed by Netmarble for Wizards of the Coast, the latter being the company responsible for the Magic: The Gathering franchise.

Those who pre-register for Magic: ManaStrike receive a suite of in-game prizes once it officially launches. The same players also get prizes once they complete the tutorial. Prizes include:

  • Gold (in-game currency)
  • Gems (premium currency)
  • One Player icon
  • Five emojis themed after MTG’s iconic Planeswalkers

Magic: ManaStrike is a combat game for mobile devices. The game is inspired by MTG’s cards and characters and follows Nicol Bolas, who lost a war with the Planeswalkers. This resulted in Bolas creating a parallel universe in order to find the weaknesses of the Planeswalkers. Thus, players enter into a contract with Bolas in order to give the villain combat data by controlling this universe’s Planeswalkers and units.

Magic: ManaStrike offers simple, strategic, and tactical gameplay where players collect new cards and enhance their units in order to match their specific playstyles and strategies. The game has players choose a pre-made deck of cards from one of five colors, then play against live opponents. Matches are won with quick tactics and fast play.

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