Magic: ManaStrike Launches Worldwide For iOS And Android

Go head-to-head with other mages.
Go head-to-head with other mages. Netmarble

Magic: ManaStrike is officially out worldwide for mobile devices. This game was developed by Netmarble and is the developer's first collaboration with the Magic: The Gathering franchise. It's available for download from the Google Play and the iOS App Stores.

Magic: The Gathering has an interesting lore and this new mobile offering presents that in a new format as a PVP strategy game. The game follows the story of Nicol Bolas, who recently lost a war against the Planeswalkers. In order to get back at his enemies and be able to find their weaknesses, Bolas made the decision to create a parallel universe. In this universe, Bolas has players enter into a contract and have them control Planeswalkers and units. This is all to give Bolas the combat data he needs to get his revenge.

Magic: ManaStrike is a game that is easy to learn. It also offers fast-paced games with players being able to go against any player anywhere with three-minute matches. The similarities to Magic: The Gathering include players casting spells, summoning units, and even controling Planeswalkers. That's not all, as players can also collect new cards from the five different Magic colors of White, Blue, Black, Red and Green.

For those who pre-registered, there's a surprise coming! Pre-registered gamers receive rewards that include:

  • Gold (in-game currency)
  • Gems (premium currency)
  • One Player Icon
  • Ten emoji themed after Magic: The Gathering’s Planeswalkers.

Players that weren't able to pre-register shouldn't worry though there are other events and rewards being offered. These include:

  • Seven Days Check-In Event
    • For seven days, players that log-in get:
      • Gold
      • Gems
      • Card Packs
  • New Planeswalkers
    • Even with Magic: The Gathering already having a large roster of Planeswalkers, that game introduces new ones which are:
      • Ob Nixilis
        • Players can get this Planeswalker using the Magic Pass upgrade.
      • Calix
        • This Planeswalker is can be purchased regardless of Magic Pass.
  • An all-new Gideon skin
  • Themed Map
    • To celebrate the Theros Beyod Death expansion of MTG, a new Theros-themed map is available from Rank 5 and onwards.

In a statement, Netmarble Executive Producer Joe Lee shared that they have been working with Wizards of the Coast to make sure that Magic: ManaStrike offers a gameplay style that isn't only new, but can be enjoyed by everyone. Netmarble also made sure that the game would stay true to Magic: The Gathering. He went on to say that because of this partnership with WotC, Netmarble is "excited to deliver a Magic: The Gathering experience that introduces real-time battles for mobile players, yet maintains core features from the original IP for fans.”

Meanwhile, Wizards of the Coast Vice-President of Business Development and Strategy Eugene Evans said that upon seeing the game, they "were impressed with Netmarble's ability to encapsulate Magic: The Gathering's 25-year history into a mobile game that stays true to what Magic fans want in other mediums." He added that being able to see their "cards and Planeswalkers stepping into the 3D battlefield, along with our card effects translated from strategic turn-based gameplay into real-time combat" was an exciting moment.

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