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Mafia: Definitive Edition
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Mafia: Definitive Edition is a big September release. This isn’t a small ‘increase the lighting’ remaster like Mafia 2: DE, but a proper remake with everything having been built from the ground up. Fans are excited to experience the story of Thomas "Tommy" Angelo with this generation's graphics and mechanics. However, that will come at a cost.

Mafia's graphics have been drastically improved, and as a result, so have the system requirements. The YouTuber TripleADigest was able to get the official PC system requirements from 2K. The requirements are a mixed bag, as the minimum requirements are quite reasonable, but the recommended requirements are more demanding than I expected.

Mafia: Definitive Edition will only run on Windows 10 64-bit (sorry Windows 7 users, but seriously, it’s time to upgrade already). To run the game on minimum settings, you will need an i5-2500k or an AMD FX-8120 paired with either a GeForce GTX 770 or Radeon R9 280X. 6GB of RAM and 2GB of VRAM is a must. The game will also take up 50GB of your HDD space.

You will need some decent horsepower if you want to play with those sweet Ultra settings. CPU requirements are increased to either an i7-3770 or AMD FX-8350 4.0GHZ paired with GeForce GTX 1080 or Radeon RX 5700. You will also need 16GB and 4GB of RAM and VRAM respectively.


Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Intel CPU: i5-2500K
  • AMD CPU: AMD FX-8120
  • RAM: 6GB
  • AMD GPU: Radeon R9 280X
  • Nvidia GPU: GeForce GTX 770
  • Video Memory: 2GB
  • HDD: 50GB (Free space)

Recommended requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Intel CPU: i7-3770
  • AMD CPU: AMD FX-8350 4.0GHZ
  • RAM: 16GB
  • AMD GPU: Radeon RX 5700
  • Nvidia GPU: GeForce GTX 1080
  • Video Memory: 4GB
  • HDD: 50GB (Free space)

Mafia: Definitive Edition launches on September 25 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Mafia: Definitive Edition? Have you played the original game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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