Madden NFL 18 Gameplay Trailer: Three New Additions Showcased In Latest Video

New WR/DB mechanics will be included in Madden NFL 18.
New WR/DB mechanics will be included in Madden NFL 18. EA Sports

Friday was a busy day for EA Sports. With much of the focus on The Longshot story mode introduced during E3, the Madden team went more in-depth about Madden NFL 18 and some of the new gameplay changes within the upcoming game.

The first Madden NFL 18 gameplay trailer was released, and while it was only 59 seconds, it showed three of the improvements coming to the game. EA also released blog posts that discussed each feature: Game Styles, Passing Targets, and DB/WR Interaction.

Game Styles

This is the one addition that will make many gamers happy. EA Sports will introduce three different play styles for players to choose from. The first is arcade, which is a fast-paced, up-tempo type of game that will not only give players a quicker game, it also gets casual players more experience in Madden. Not everyone who plays Madden wants to jump straight into simulation — arcade is a way for fans to play a stripped-down simplified version of the game, without all of the bells and whistles.

Still, simulation is the style that most Madden players use. Real rules, true to life game planning and everything you love about the NFL. Your strategy and the makeup of your team will depend on whether you win or lose a game. Madden NFL 18 comes with the simulation style as the default play styles.

The final game styles that were announced is competitive. This style will be used for head-to-head matches and tournament play. There are ratings, and player skill will determine game outcomes. Penalties are few and there will be no injuries.

Target Passing

This was the most attractive feature shown in the trailer. Target Passing will encompass the following:

Target Passing breakdown:

  • See exactly where the ball is going to go before the throw
  • Lead shallow routes up the field before reaching the sideline
  • Place the ball between zones, forcing your receiver to throttle down
  • Lead the ball to where only your receiver can get it
  • Throw timing routes before the cut or even while your receiver is being pressed

This new mechanic helps quarterbacks get the ball to the best place possible where only receivers can get the ball. The trailer showed Tom Brady using this feature though let’s be honest; he does not need Target Passing to hit his receivers.

DB/WR Interaction

Finally, a major change has to come in regards to the play between the defensive backs and wide receivers. This aspect of Madden has always been complained about as the play in the secondary has not been realistic over the years. With the changes in mechanics, EA is hoping that this is the move that will finally get Madden NFL 18 to more realistic secondary play.

In regards to the wide receivers, they have more options to make plays on offense. Between calling for the ball and the ability to change routes and cuts mid-play, this adds a little depth to your wide receivers in Madden NFL 18 as opposed to just a receiver running a route with nothing else happening. The most exciting addition is the three new releases that you can have your receiver do if you choose to play with him. This is the addition that will be interesting to watch and see how players get acclimated to.

What are your thoughts about the new gameplay additions to Madden NFL 18? Let us know in comment section. In the meantime, check out the new Madden NFL 18 trailer below.

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