The Mad Dog Varagarv Joins the Fight in Tower of God: New World

Tower of God Mad Dog
One of the strongest is here. Netmarble

A new update has arrived in Tower of God: New World. One of the highlights is the addition of a new teammate to the roster. Get ready to meet none other than the SSR [Mad Dog] Varagarv (Purple Element, Tank, Fisherman).

Varagarv was one of the Mad Dogs who were created by the FUG Slayer Baylord Yama. He was both through a process that's known as Blood Fusion. It's where powerful blood from two or more bloodlines is injected to a person resulting in giving them extraordinary power. Considered as the strongest of the E-Rank Regulars, Varagarv can cast a barrier which deal damage to enemies who destroy it.

Welcoming Varagarv

As a way to celebrate the addition of Varagarv to the roster, two new events are now live and set to run until July 17. These are:

  • [Mad Dog] Varagarv Check-in Event
    • Players can obtain SSR Soulstones (x60) and Suspendiums (x2000) simply by logging into the game for 14 days during the event period.
  • [Mad Dog] Varagarv Boost Missions
    • Players who have gained [Mad Dog] Varagarv and cleared all Growth Missions can receive SSR [Mad Dog] Varagarv three times and one SSR Teammate Selection Chest.

Event Boss Battle

Players should be happy to know that this new update also introduces a new Event Boss Battle. They get to challenge [Lightning Pill] Khun Ran and get their hand on different rewards like Suspendiums and Data Shards, to name a few. Players have until July 17 to complete the challenge.

The Tower of Alliances has also been updated which has resulted in opening a competitive field for players to match against another Alliance until July 13.

Anniversary Celebration

Tower of God: New World is inviting players to pre-register for its 1-year anniversary celebration. Those who pre-register for the anniversary receives SSR+ [Healing Flame] Yihwa Yeon.

The anniversary is on July 17 and when that date arrives, there's going to be a series of '1st Anniversary Vacation Festival!'-themed events happening. One of these is the 1st Anniversary Vacation Festival Story Event which offers multiple rewards that include Nonstop SSR+ Limit Break Summon Ticket, SSR Teammate Max Limit Break Chest, and Suspendiums, to name a few.

Meanwhile, those who return to the game during the event period get to receive 100% of the Loot they missed during the period they didn't log in. There's also a special event which offers a full set of A-Rank Ignition Weapons available for returning players.

In Tower of God: New World, players can take control of fan-favorite characters to ascend the Tower. The game is available on Google Play and the App Store while the PC version is available to download from Google Play Games Beta.

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