Lumberjack's Dynasty Enters Early Access On November 21

Lumberjack's Dynasty is a month away from Early Access; here's what we know so far.
Lumberjack's Dynasty is a month away from Early Access; here's what we know so far. Toplitz Productions

Announced a little over a month ago by Toplitz Productions, Lumberjack's Dynasty is an upcoming management sim that puts players in the role of a lumberjack, utilizing the ever-versatile resource of wood in a variety of ways to help their business grow. Developer Toplitz Productions has officially announced that Lumberjack's Dynasty will soon be entering Early Access on Steam, so there's no better time than now to check out the game's exciting new trailer.

In Lumberjack's Dynasty, players set up shop as a local lumberjack, and through hard work and efficient planning, eventually grow their business empire around forestry and wood. Designed to be a simulation game, Lumberjack's Dynasty will allow players to do what most lumberjack's do realistically - cultivate forests, harvest wood, and process raw wood into different types of products. There aren't a lot of details yet since the game is still a month away from Early Access, but you can expect to be able to produce everything from logs and constructions supplies to furniture and knick-knacks. For a little added plot, the official game description on Steam says:

You are starting at a run-down logger camp which you inherited from your father – dedicated to bringing it back to old glory. To get there, a ton of work is waiting for you: From repairing your home as well as the logger camp itself, getting the old sawmill working again and, the core of it all: felling trees, transporting them to the mill and processing the wood into various products.

Source: Lumberjack's Dynasty on Steam

Lumberjack's Dynasty is still very much a work in-progress, so at this point, literally everything is tentative. Although once the game launches in Early Access, players will be able to speed up development with their testing and suggestions, as well as influence the development of the game according to their preferences (with enough support).

Early Access for Lumberjack's Dynasty starts on November 21, while the official launch date is still to be announced. Currently, the game is only listed for PC via Steam. However, given Toplitz Productions' track-record for releasing titles on all major platforms, it's not too much of a long-shot to hope for a console release in the future.

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