Luke Cage Season 2: See Misty Knight’s Badass Bionic Arm

Spoilers ahead for The Defenders.
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Misty Knight with her new arm in Luke Cage Season 2. Entertainment Weekly / Marvel

Either Claire Temple was going to die or Misty Knight was going to lose her arm in The Defenders, but it wasn’t going to be both. The fight scene with Bakuto went back and forth, showing both women at the brink of defeat. But in the end, Colleen Wing took her mentor down… unfortunately, not before Misty Knight lost her arm.

Any other time, we would have been reeling over Misty’s fallen limb. But this is canon, so fans rejoiced at the prospect of Misty Knight’s Stark-powered bionic arm from the comic books coming to fruition in The Defenders, or the second season of Iron Fist or Luke Cage (or both). And we’ve got a look at this new tech far sooner than we could have ever hoped. In a photo first obtained by Entertainment Weekly, we see Luke Cage and Misty Knight walking side by side in what looks to be a parking garage or car shop. Her bionic arm is looking pretty damn cool.

Misty Knight with her new arm in Luke Cage Season 2. Photo: Entertainment Weekly / Marvel

Even though Misty Knight is also slated to appear in Iron Fist Season 2, this photo is from Luke Cage Season 2. It’s still unclear whether or not Misty Knight is still in the NYPD, or joins her vigilante friends fighting outside the law. The last we saw Misty Knight was in a hospital, when Colleen Wing informed her Danny Rand would love to have her recover in his high-tech facility, so she can get “up and running” again. It’s clear she’s up and running.

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Misty Knight finally has her bionic arm from the comics. Photo: Marvel

As my co worker Phillip Martinez says, the only thing left for Misty Knight to do now is paint that shit gold (like it is in the comics). This photo confirms we will first catch up with Misty Knight in Luke Cage, then hopefully in Iron Fist she’ll link up with Colleen Wing to form the Daughters of the Dragon, an iconic duo from the comics. When we last spoke with Jessica Henwick at San Diego Comic-Con, she seemed fairly confident something special is in store for she and Misty in Iron Fist Season 2.

Are you excited for Misty Knight’s future on Marvel’s Netflix shows? Let us know in the comments.

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