The Defenders Cliffhangers: Maggie Murdock, Misty Knight & More

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The Defenders sets the stage for Daredevil Season 3 and Iron Fist Season 2. Marvel / Netflix

The Defenders was only eight episodes long, which means Marvel left us some serious plot points to consider in the finale. Since the series largely revolved around storylines introduced in Iron Fist and Daredevil, many of these cliffhangers probably won’t be answered until Daredevil Season 3 and Iron Fist Season 2, the latter of which is very far out. But the prospect of some of these arcs coming to fruition is just so exciting, we can’t help but to analyze what could be next.

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You have been warned... Photo: Player.One

Who Is Maggie?

Daredevil Season 3 has been confirmed. That’s why when Daredevil left himself to die with Elektra, we knew something interesting was about to go down. Charlie Cox told us that left to his own devices, Matt Murdock would ‘take it to the end’ to get Elektra back, and he did. They shared a kiss as the building seemingly collapsed on top of them. But it’s not the end. Matt wakes up with a nun sitting on the edge of his bed. As he groans she says, “Get Maggie. Tell her he’s awake.”

daredevil maggie murdock defenders
Who too Daredevil to see his mother? Photo: Marvel / Netflix

For those who have not read the comic books, Maggie is Matt Murdock’s mother. In Frank Miller’s 80s run is when we first meet Maggie. She suffered from postpartum depression and mental illness. She attempted to hurt Matt when he was infant, and decided it was best to leave Matt with his father, Jack.  She fled to the church and became a nun. This teaser highly suggest Maggie Murdock will be a large part of Daredevil Season 3.

stick black sky elektra alexandra defenders
Why did Stick end up taking care of Matt instead of Maggie? Photo: Marvel/ Netflix

Maggie is mentioned in Daredevil Season 1. In the boxing match Jack decides not to throw, he calls Maggie asking her to take care of Matt knowing he is about to be murdered. But Matt’s life still doesn’t seem to connect with his biological mother. Instead, Stick ends up stepping up. In episode 7 of Daredevil, Stick actually asks a nun if Matt’s mother is dead. “That is another story,” the nun replies.

How Did Daredevil Survive?

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Daredevil and Elektra fight until their death. Photo: Marvel / Netflix

While Black Sky started to seem a lot more like Elektra toward the end of the series, there’s no question she had begun to accept her immortal destiny. It’s almost like she knew she wasn’t going to die down there. Since she loved Matt so much, there’s no way she would willingly let him die if she could prevent it. Maybe she just wanted him to experience ‘the darkness’ she did when she was resurrected. We can’t rule out the possibility it was Elektra who brought Matt to the convent. After all, she’s the only person alive who has any clue about his childhood.

daredevil defenders
Will Daredevil ever be the same? Photo: Marvel / Netflix

It will be interesting to see how Daredevil Season 3 explains Matt Murdock’s death and how will his character move forward. Foggy, Karen and everyone thinks he’s dead. Will he simply come out of the shadows as Matt Murdock, or will he have to conceal his true identity forever?

Can Black Sky Even Die?

Black sky elektra defenders hand
Alexandra and Stick believe Elektra is gone. Photo: Marvel / Netflix

If Matt is alive, so is Elektra. There’s no way she died down there, but he didn’t. We still don’t really know the true power of Black Sky. The difference between Black Sky and The Hand’s normal resurrection procedures is unclear. Black Sky appears to be more of an entity, a ‘something else,’ with a greater connection to the beasts of The Hand, which we know now come from undying dragons. There is a reason Alexandra spent the last of The Hand’s resources on creating Black Sky. There is more to this story, and it likely has something to do with how Elektra and Daredevil survived an entire building collapsing on top of them.

Madame Gao In Iron Fist Season 2?

madame gao defenders
Gao is in the cave when the building collapses. Photo: Marvel / Netflix

Madame Gao’s head never got chopped off. Actually, she never even appeared to be injured. Last we saw her, she was standing over a near-dead Murakami in the caves below Midland Circle. The Defenders proved just how mystically powerful she is--she can push Luke Cage across the room just by waving her hand. These powers still haven't been explained, and appear to stem from the same source as Danny Rand Iron Fist. It would not be out of the question she finagled her way out of this jam and lived on to see another day. Also, she’s supposed to be in Iron Fist Season 2. She was seen plotting with Davos to get revenge on the Iron Fist.

madame gao iron fist episode 13
Madame Gao spies on Davos and Joy Meachum with a smirk on her face in the final scene of 'Iron Fist.' Photo: Netflix

Misty Knight’s Bionic Arm

Misty Knight severely injured her arm at the end of Luke Cage Season 1. She was shot during a hostage situation at Harlem’s Paradise, then stuck in a basement with Claire Temple while bleeding for hours, until Luke Cage rescued them. It was a close call, and while we were glad Misty still had both arms, we really wanted her to end up with the bionic arm from the comics.

misty knight arm defenders
Misty Knight saved Colleen Wing and Claire Temple in The Defenders. Photo: Marvel / Netflix

Fear not. Misty does lose her arm in The Defenders. Bakuto slices it right off, and he’s promptly killed by Colleen Wing. But too little too late. At the hospital afterword, Colleen Wing tells Misty Danny owns a hospital that could help her get “up and running.” In the comics, it was Stark tech but we’ll take any sort of mechanical limb we can get.

misty knight arm
Misty Knight's bionic arm makes her even more badass. Photo: Marvel

Daughters Of The Dragon

All this talk between Misty Knight and Colleen Wing is no coincidence. In the comics, they were a dynamic duo known as Daughters of the Dragon.  Marvel fans have been waiting for this Daughters of the Dragon pairing ever since Misty Knight was introduced in Luke Cage and Colleen Wing in Iron Fist. They are a fan-favorite duo in the comics, briefly featured as a team on their own and then as supporting characters in Power Man and Iron Fist.

Daughters of the Dragon #3 Photo: Marvel

Misty Knight has been confirmed to appear in Iron Fist Season 2, which highly suggests this duo could come to life. The name ‘Daughters of the Dragon’ was first referenced in Iron Fist episode 3 when Colleen Wing used the name as her alias in an underground martial arts tournament.

Jessica Jones & Luke Cage

jessica jones luke cage
The sparks between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage may not be out. Photo: Marvel

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s romantic relationship did not end well. Jessica knowingly slept with Luke even though she was investigating him and killed his ex wife while brainwashed by Kilgrave. To top it all off, she blasted him in the skull with a shotgun. Can you blame him for moving to Harlem? But even with this mess, there are still some feelings between the two of them. Even though Luke and Claire seem to be in a very serious relationship, Luke and Jessica’s last meeting in The Defenders foreshadows a possible future with lots of babies (like they had in the comics).

“Yeah maybe we’ll grab a coffee sometime or something,” Jessica tells Luke as he walks away.

jessica jones luke cage defenders
Luke Cage goes to check on Jessica Jones at the end of The Defenders. Photo: Marvel / Netflix


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