Lotus Reverie Coming to Steam January 14

A visual novel with a twist.
A visual novel with a twist. Keinart Lobre

For fans of visual novels, there’s some good news. Lotus Reverie is finally coming to PC through Steam on January 14. However, this isn‘t your simple visual novel as not only does it have the usual gameplay, but adds some time management and even a turn-based strategy mini-game.

Visual Novel

As a visual novel, you get your daily life in the castle with different relationships. That means the more you know a character, the more hearts are unlocked. Each character has a total of four unlockable hearts, though you only need to unlock at least three to move the story forward.

In between scenes, like any visual novel, you have the chance to decide what to do next. But for Lotus Reverie, there’s a tension bar that increases depending on your actions. Once the bar reaches 100%, the game is over. So make sure to keep track of that.

Battle System

This is another feature that separates Lotus Reverie from other visual novels. Whenever there is a fight, players have the chance to read or do some actual fighting. This was made possible through the game’s Parallel Strategy System. Think Fire Emblem or Advance Wars but the turns of both players and enemies happen at the same.

The way it works is that there’s a Decision Phase where players choose actions, movement, and altitude of their units. Then, comes the Confrontation Phase where the units move according to what was chosen. This is done over and over until a winner emerges.

Once the player is ready, the Development Phase will start. In this phase, all units will move at the same time based on the movement selected previously. Yet a unit's movement may change depending on their attitude.

It’s not that simple because of other factors in play. For example, if a unit has an aggressive attitude, it pursues what comes to its view. A distant attitude, meanwhile, means the unit runs away from an enemy. Then, there's the fog of war that can make or break a fight.

Other Features

Additional features of the game include more than 15 hours of main story content. Of course, that means more secrets you unlock and more game time for you. Get to enjoy all original content including various character expressions, 22 CGs, and even 43 melodies.

So, why don’t you give the game a shot when it’s released?

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