It’s All About the Wordplay as Anagrams Now Available on Steam

Time for some wordplay.
Time for some wordplay. Hero Game Co

You think you have a way with words? Then why not head over to Steam and test your word mastery with Anagrams. The game offers budding word masters 35 unlockable word categories, along with a total of four game modes. Overall, there are more than 1,400 levels and anagrams to solve.

With the use of original music, Anagrams can set the mood for each mode, from meditative and all the way to heart-pumping feeling.

Classic Mode

In Classic Mode, players are offered a 2-Part Gameplay. In the first, they need to play letter-matching level after which they need to solve an anagram that’s made up of the same letters.

For every five anagrams solved, players get to earn a key that they can unlock 35 categories and three bonus game modes. Since the mode progressively becomes difficult, more games make each category become harder. The good news is that there’s an interactive category screen where players can track their progress. The responsive soundtrack, meanwhile, adds flourish and notes when playing.

Bonus Modes

Blitz Mode has its own gameplay. As the name implies, it is all about speed. Its Puzzle Mode, for example, counts down from 10 seconds with each match adding three seconds back on the clock. The game gets harder the longer you play, so the question is how long can you last? In Anagram Mode, each anagram must be solved in 60 seconds and the clock resets for every anagram solved. With energizing soundtracks, players are sure to be amped up in Blitz Mode.

Zen Mode, on other hand, is the opposite of Blitz. It is all about being chill. Endless Puzzles has players choose their favorite colors and enjoy puzzles that never end. In Endless Anagrams, players can choose their word list and solve anagrams that come with unlimited hints. The use of a peaceful soundtrack lets players enjoy and relax in this mode.

Finally, there is the Free Mode. Here, players can play anagram after anagram and puzzle after puzzle in the difficulty they want.

Anagrams is developed by Hero Game Co., a husband and wife duo. Rachel Reed revealed that being puzzle lovers themselves, they wanted a game that would offer a wide range of difficulty while also being something that one “could wind down with.” She continued that the game combines many of their favorite things, which include a “minimalist yet colorful design, ambient music, hours upon hours of gameplay - and, of course, anagrams.”

The game clearly has something different to offer to puzzle lovers. The game is available on Steam for $7.99. Go ahead and get your copy now.

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