Lost Epic: Update 1.1 Introduces New Areas for Players to Explore

Lost Epic Update 1.1
Lost Epic Update 1.1 Steam

Developer Team EARTH WARS has launched a major update for Lost Epic - a 2D side-scrolling action RPG that puts you on a mission to kill the Pantheon of Six to save humanity. Update 1.1 introduces two new areas for you to explore and new weapons, among many others. Read further to find out what you can expect in this patch.

New Areas

Two new areas are introduced in Update 1.1: the Capital and Underworld. The Capital is situated past the Great Lake and is surrounded by towering outer walls. Some enemies are equipped with shields and some appear to be spellcasters. They have one task and that is to stop you in your tracks, preventing you from pushing forward.

On the other hand, the Underworld is an area located underneath the Capital. Here lie multiple routes that will lead you to the map’s boss. A bit of a spoiler here: you will encounter a new character to help you understand the mysteries of the Sanctum.

State of the Art Weapons

The developers feel that you need to be equipped with modern armaments to help you progress through new areas. Two new weapons can be acquired in this update: the Shield Gauntlet and the Wand.

As the name implies, the Shield Gauntlet is a gauntlet that turns into a shield whenever the situation calls for it. You can either use it to defend against enemy attacks or to immediately counter by reflecting your opponents’ attacks back at them.

The Wand is a weapon with a high MAG stat and it also enables you to learn magic Divine Skills, as well as one-handed sword skills. This can be traded for Anima from bosses and kill lists.

Patch Notes - Highlights

  • Divine Skill
  • Black marketeer
  • Quests that can be ordered from NPCs
  • Added the ability to create Tamahagane x3 from Large Mass of Tamahagane
  • Accessories
  • Items
  • Saves are automatically performed when changing areas
  • Up to 10 save data will be overwritten in order of oldest to newest
  • Local save can be selected by pressing X on the load screen
  • Mini Map
    • Add zoom in and out function
    • Pins can now be placed on the map
  • Various menu display improvements
  • Added detailed explanation of gospel
  • New "Memoria" feature
  • Added motion to eat food
  • Changed so that recovery medicine in the relief box is always distributed when the number drops below three
  • Added 2 seconds of invincibility after rolling damage
  • Paralyze is only for the player, there is no restriction on movement
  • Strengthened Shingi's attack power and added invalidation when activated
  • Adjusted to make it easier to pass under giants' feet
  • Changed bow thingy to be able to counter thingy
  • Extends the cool time of "Shooting Star," "Mithya Shower," and "Stardust Rain"
  • Minor adjustments and bug fixes

Lost Epic Update 1.1 is now available on PC.

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