Los Santos Tuners Coming to GTA Online on July 20

Time to go underground.
Time to go underground. Rockstar Games

Next week, the Los Santos underground tuner scene is going to have a busy time. That’s because, on July 20, GTA Online is launching the Los Santos Tuners update. Once it goes live, expect to take on a lot of Tuner-based missions.

That’s not all since this upcoming update is introducing the LS Car Meet as well. This is a shared social space where players can freely mingle with other car fans. Here, they can show off their customized vehicles or accept some shady work for easy money.

The LS Car Meet

To start the LS Car Meet, players need to look for a non-descript warehouse somewhere in Cypress Flats. If you’re having a hard time finding it, just listen to the sound of engines. Another clue to the location is a makeshift finish line on the road just outside of it. Once you get inside, the rule in LS Car Meet is “good vibes only.”

Through the LS Car Meet, players can unlock the new Reputation progression where each level is going to unlock new benefits.

Besides that, players get access to the Test Track. This large underground space can let everyone drive, drift, and even race freely without worrying too much about pedestrians or the law.

Players able to get a membership can take part in the rotating Prize Ride Challenges. Here, they not only get the chance to win a special Prize Ride but also gain access to special shops and features. Higher-level members can even create their own Private Takeover that comes with customizable lighting and banner colors.

Those willing to drop GTA$50,000 to be a member can get more privileges.

Earning Rep

When it comes to Car Meet, the most valuable commodity is Reputation. To earn this, players must participate and win races. Reputation can also be earned through daily login bonuses and putting some time on the Test Track. In fact, they can also get this by just hanging out at the Car Meet.

New Races

The update introduces new races, both inside and outside the Car Meet. Each race comes with its own Leaderboards.

At the Test Track, players can join friendly competitions like Head-to-Head where speed and precision are important in this short format race. Scramble, meanwhile, is where four players race to collect 20 checkpoints.

Going outside is where the Street Race Series happens. Pursuit Series, on the other hand, offers a more open-ended experience.

Learn more about what’s coming in next week’s update here.

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