Lornsword Winter Chronicle Releases For PS4 And Xbox One In October

The title is now available on Steam via Early Access.
Developer Tower Five confirms PS4 and Xbox One versions of Lornsword Winter Chronicle, to be released this October.
Developer Tower Five confirms PS4 and Xbox One versions of Lornsword Winter Chronicle, to be released this October. Tower Five

The real-time action strategy game Lornsword Winter Chronicle will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by October. These versions are in addition to the current version on PC via Steam. The news was confirmed by developer Tower Five.

The creation of former developers from Creative Assembly (Total War series), Lornsword Winter Chronicle is a real-time action strategy game set in the fictional Lorn Empire. Players assume control of Corun Lan Ka, a young Lornknight placed in command of the small fortified town of Tulza in the Southern province of the Lorn Empire. Players will be given free rein to explore, fight, build, and capture throughout the world’s harsh environments filled with ice and snow. In Lorn, clashes with rival factions are an everyday occurrence, so players need to build their army and military might by constructing bases, gathering food, and earning money to keep their forces effective and satisfied. Lornsword Winter Chronicle is set in a fantasy world where fast battles between metal and magic occur in the most dynamic of battlefields, with skilled warriors combating against the dark magic of priests and shadow weavers.

The game follows the usual formula of real-time action strategy games, with elements such as resource management, base and unit building, and macro based combat. This all seen from a top-down perspective and is accompanied by a rousing orchestral score from Hungarian composer Thomas-Adam Habuda (Alita: Battle Angel, Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame). Lornsword Winter Chronicle also features a story driven campaign system reminiscent to Warcraft III and Starcraft’s single player campaigns which had players assuming control of one main character. The twist that Lornsword Winter Chronicle puts in the genre is the use of controllers, which the developers highly encourage versus playing with a mouse and keyboard.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle has been available through Steam’s Early Access phase since May of this year. Currently it costs $18.99. No news of its version 1.0 release price has been announced yet. Lornsword Winter Chronicle will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in October of 2019.

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