The Long Dark: Update v2.10 Brings the Second Part of Tales from the Far Territory DLC

Tales from the Far Territory DLC Part Two: Signal Void
Tales from the Far Territory DLC Part Two: Signal Void Twitter/@IntoTheLongDark

Update v2.10 for The Long Dark now offers the second part of the Tales from the Far Territory DLC. Also known as Signal Void, players can enjoy more than five hours’ worth of new content.

What’s New?

Players can start Signal Void by heading to the Forsaken Airfield where they will find the Handheld Shortwave Radio and a note that talks about a transmitter network. The premise of Signal Void is for players to search for the transmitters scattered all over the Great Bear Island using the shortwave radio. This is to uncover the truth about the unusual signals the transmitters have received.

This patch also introduced a new item called the Security Chief’s Rifle Holster. This unique item reduces the weight of the player’s primary rifle when equipped in the accessory slot.

Signal Void is part of The Long Dark: Tales from the Far Territory DLC. Those who are interested in delving into the new content can pay $19.99 for this.

For those who don’t want to spend money on the DLC, don’t worry. Update v2.10 brought some free new stuff for players to enjoy as well. Prepper Bunkers are back with visual improvements and loot updates. Moreover, players can comb the beach after a blizzard to find some items. They might even come across a boat containing valuable stuff if they’re lucky!

Patch Notes

  • Added a unique Icon for Cured/Dried Guts.
  • Updated the Insomnia affliction tooltip to reflect proper duration.
  • Fixed an issue where Accessibility Options and Keyboard Bindings would reset after updating the game to a new version.
  • Fixed an instance of debug text that would appear on the Map screen, after finding a Visor Note.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from setting a custom Display Number in the “Settings Menu,” locking the game to the Primary Monitor.
  • Added the correct “Sawing” text that displays when using the Hacksaw.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong audio to play when pressing the X button on a Controller in the Crafting Menu.
  • Fixed terrain that could not be crossed near the Brittle Cave in the Forsaken Airfield.
  • Fixed floating items found inside Mystery Lake Trailers near the Carter Hydro Dam.
  • Fixed graphical texture issues found throughout Forsaken Airfield.
  • Fixed an invisible corpse found in the Carter Hydro Dam.
  • Fixed loot placement in one of the caves in Broken Railroad.
  • Fixed various floating objects found in the Forsaken Airfield.
  • Fixed low resolution textures found on the Safe in the Hydro Dam.
  • Updated Memento Cache Interloper Spawn Table, and fixed an issue with some Keys spawning for disabled Memento Caches. Please note that players might not see the fix in an existing save if they have already visited that location.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the player to teleport to a pre-placed Snow Shelter, if they saved and reloaded, while in a different Snow Shelter.

The Long Dark Update v2.10 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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