The Long Dark Update 1.78 Patch Notes: Basic Stuff Like Bug Fixes And UI Changes

The Long Dark  Update
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Developer Hinterland Studio recently rolled out a new update for The Long Dark which implements some general bug fixes, UI changes, and more. Hinterland Studio also fixed the spawn point on Quonset Garage as it was not what was intended.

Hinterland Studio also improved on performance while inspecting an item and increased the draw distance on the first aid kit. While reading the rock cache page, players can finally use the scroll bar or mouse wheel to navigate the page.

The Long Dark Update 1.78 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • [General] When spraying a Marker with Spray Paint, after shooting a Wolf, the sprayed Marker will no longer appear as a blood drip texture.
  • [General] Improved stability for Players who were crashing when transitioning from between exteriors to an interior, and vice versa.
  • [General] Faithful Cartographer Achievement now updates progress correctly, when loading a save file from version 1.75 or earlier.
  • [General] Removed erroneous output in the debug logs, when inserting a Steam Controller
  • [General] Improved framerate while inspecting an item.
  • [General] Draw distance on the First Aid Kit increased, so it no longer appears to pop-in to the world.


  • [Enviro] Burnt out cabins now properly show bullet hole decals, after being shot.
  • [Enviro] Collision polish pass throughout all regions, to remove superfluous collision.
  • [Enviro] Microwave door state is now restored correctly, when reloading a save.
  • [Enviro] Fixed a number of locations where the Player could become stuck on the terrain.


  • [UI] Players can now scroll using the mouse wheel, or clicking on the scroll bar, when viewing the Rock Cache page, in the Journal
  • [UI] Improved how Markers on the map are clustered together, to reduce crowding.
  • [UI] Spray Paint Marker localization is now properly updated, when changing the in-game language.
  • [UI] Discovered locations are now tracked correctly when viewing the Locations Discovered page in the Journal.
  • [UI] Total available Notes displayed on the Collections page, in the Journal, updated to show the correct total available.


  • [All Modes] Meat now decays at the correct rate, when stored in a Rock Cache.
  • [All Modes] Rock Caches can no longer be placed inside a building, by standing outside of the building and entering placement mode.
  • [All Modes] Crafting Ammo now requires light as intended. Players will no longer be able to craft Ammo without a light source.
  • [All Modes] When throwing a physics based object, such as a flare, it will no longer appear to stutter.
  • [All Modes] If the Player enters and exits the Crafting Menu while holding a Lantern, the Lantern is no longer hidden from view.


  • [Survival] Bleak Inlet Polaroid will no longer spawn in the Quonset Garage, as it was unintended.
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