The Long Dark June 29 Hotfix Squashes UI and Gameplay Bugs

The Long Dark Patch v2.19 Steam/Hinterland Studio Inc.

Hinterland Studio Inc recently released an update for The Long Dark that added a ton of cool new content. The Frontier Comforts update was the third and final part of The Long Dark: Tales from the Far Territory DLC.

Although the DLC received a mixed reception from fans, many still liked it and had already sunk many hours. However, players have been critical of the DLC due to several lingering bugs and issues. So, the developer released a hotfix earlier today to fix some of these issues. The June 29 patch changes the game version to v2.19 and squashes multiple UI, gameplay, and environment related bugs. You can check out some of the details below.


  • UI - Fixed an issue that caused the Stamina Bar to appear persistently on the HUD.
  • UI - Fixed an issue that caused items to stack incorrectly, resulting in all items reflecting the Condition of the base stack regardless of the condition of each item.
  • UI - Fixed an issue that prevented players from placing food items from the Radial Menu.
  • UI - Added a message on the HUD to indicate when a player attempts to harvest a ravaged Carcass.
  • UI - Fixed an issue where, when accessing the Menu while using a controller, the Sort icon overlapped with other Menu items.
  • UI - Added text for the "Ptarmigan Carcass" and "Ptarmigan Nest" in the Map Details.
  • UI - Fixed an issue that caused Improvised Insulation to use the wrong icon in the Crafting menu.
  • UI - Fixed missing UI elements when selecting the Tip-Up from the Ice Fishing Menu.
  • UI - Fixed an issue where some players could not Exit or Select items from the Tales Journal Tab when using a controller.
  • UI - Fixed overlapping text when crafting the Improvised Bed Roll.
  • Environment - Airfield - Fixed an issue where the Forge was missing from the Airfield Hangar Basement.
  • Gameplay - Fixed an issue where animals appeared to switch back and forth between living and dead states after being killed.
  • Gameplay - Fixed an issue that allowed players to craft Tip Ups under Wolf corpses.
  • Gameplay - Fixed an issue where the weight of a stack of items was incorrectly based on a single item's weight, and not the combined weight of the items.
  • Gameplay - Fixed an issue that caused Stamina to decrease at an accelerated rate when climbing a rope.
  • Gameplay - Fixed an issue that prevented players from catching Fish while utilizing any Lure.
  • Gameplay - Fixed an issue that caused players to receive the error message "Failed to Restore the game from a previous Save" when trying to exit an interior to any Region, preventing the player from exiting.

Read the complete changelog on Steam. The Long Dark can be purchased from there for only $19.99.

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