London Detective Mysteria For PC Gets A July Release Date

It's now available on the PlayStation Vita and Portable.
The Otome VN title London Detective Mysteria will finally get its PC release on July 31.
The Otome VN title London Detective Mysteria will finally get its PC release on July 31. XSEED Games

The otome mystery visual novel London Detective Mysteria will soon be releasing a PC version for the game, as announced by publisher Xseed Games.

London Detective Mysteria was originally released on the Playstation Portable, where it was launched back in 2013. The release was exclusive to Japan and was overseen by publisher Marvelous. In 2016, developer Karin Entertainment funded and self-published a PlayStation Vita version, which included extra scenarios, a slightly different voice cast, and a new artist. This version, English Detective Mysteria is the one currently available in North America and Europe and will also be the one receiving a PC release.

London Detective Mysteria puts players in the shoes of Lady Whiteley, whose birthday signifies her debut into the world of high society. However, her naturally curious and inquisitive mind does not care much for parties. Not long after, she stumbles into the many curiosities that lay hidden in London’s darkest corners.

Key features of otome novels such as finding love are present here, with your love interests being personalities based on famous figures such as Detective Sherlock Holmes, Gentleman Thief Lupin, Jack the Ripper and many more. Decisions also give you rewards and dictate if love is in Lady Whiteley’s future or if fate has more unfortunate consequences in mind. Players also have a way to personalize their experience such as changing Lady Whiteley’s first name from Emily to whatever they wish. Other game play mechanics that affect the playing experience, such as text speed, visual effects, and even the individual volumes of each speaking character can be adjusted according to your whim.

London Detective Mysteria will release on July 31 via Steam,, and The Humble Store for $29.99, with a 10 percent launch week discount as announced by Xseed Games. All copies of the game include a 92-page digital artbook for free. For those keen on more collectibles from the otome title, an original soundtrack album containing 27 songs will be released alongside the game as a separate download for $19.99. Players looking to purchase it together with the game will be given a 50 percent discount.

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