A Live-Action Final Fantasy TV Series Is In The Works, Courtesy Of Sony Pictures Television

Based on the hit MMO title Final Fantasy XIV.
Sony Pictures Television announces a live-action TV series adaptation of Final Fantasy XIV.
Sony Pictures Television announces a live-action TV series adaptation of Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix

Final Fantasy currently has a lot going for it. There's the recent teaser for Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII being remastered and Final Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringers expansion release on July 2. Die-hard fans of the franchise can’t wish for anything anymore, right?

Well, fans of the franchise rejoice! Sony Picture Television announced on Thursday that it is teaming up with the global video game icon and publisher for the famed RPG franchise, Square Enix. Currently still a work in progress, Sony and Square Enix will be working on a on a live-action TV series adaptation of the wildly popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV.

It has also been confirmed that studio Hivemind will be heading the TV adaptation of the game. Hivemind Films is most known for their work on the critically-acclaimed science fictions series The Expanse and its current work on another video game franchise-turned TV series in The Witcher, which is set to be released later this year on Netflix.

The Final Fantasy franchise is no stranger when it comes to crossing mediums. As of this writing, the franchise has birthed a combined total of nine television and film adaptations and countless manga versions and spinoffs. Their most recent foray into TV came in the form of the episodic series Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light.

The upcoming adaptation is set to follow the same episodic formula and explore the key themes of “the struggle between magic and technology in a quest to bring peace to a land in conflict”. Signature Final Fantasy elements such as its colorful characters, whimsical settings and riveting plot are expected to be present. Familiar creatures and characters such as the Chocobos should also see screen time in the upcoming TV series. It is confirmed to be set in the region of Eorzea, the setting for Final Fantasy XIV.

No release dates has been made for the adaptation yet. The Final Fantasy TV series is just one of many in a growing trend of video game turned into TV versions. Notable ones include the aforementioned The Witcher series for Netflix and Showtime’s in-development Halo series.


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