‘Little Nightmares’: A New Horror Platformer From Bandai Namco [VIDEO]

little nightmares
'Little Nightmares' is coming Spring 2017 Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco had a slate of news games to announce at Gamescom this year, with Little Nightmares being one of the more interesting additions to its 2017 games slate.

Little Nightmares is a story of Six, a helpless little girl in a yellow raincoat who is trying to escape from The Maw, a giant vessel inhabited by corrupted souls and ghouls. It is set to release in North America in Spring 2017.

Take a look at the first trailer for Little Nightmares below.

“It’s taken us about 10 years to come to this moment, to reveal the most exciting game in our company history, a dark, thrilling tale of grotesque misfits!” said Andreas Johnsson, business developer and deputy CEO at Tarsier Studios, in a press release. “ Since publishing the teaser last year we've worked day and night to bring the game to life, and now, we are beyond excited to show our first original game at Gamescom, LITTLE NIGHTMARES. ”

Little Nightmares is pegged to be a 3D platformer with your character hiding, dodging and running away from countless enemies as you make your way out of the ship. There are puzzles to complete and bosses to defeat all in a unique art style that fits the horror genre.

“With LITTLE NIGHTMARES the team at Tarsier Studios is creating a game experience that tackles a subject everyone can identify with, childhood fears and nightmares.” said Eric Hartness, vice president of marketing at Bandai Namco Entertainment America, in a press release. “We’re looking forward to LITTLE NIGHTMARES giving players a heart-pounding adventure, some chills, and maybe a few screams along the way.”

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